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French Bread Pizza

We love pizza in our house. We eat it several times a month. It is a quick, easy, and frugal meal.

We like to change it up and use different toppings so that it is not the same old pizza every time. Another way we like to change it up is to make french bread pizza.

It really is not a recipe. We just top it like you would a pizza. We use sauce, but not as much as you would for pizza or it will get soggy, meat, and mozzarella cheese. Sausage is our favorite meat topping for french bread pizza, but you can also use pepperoni or Canadian bacon. We also like to put black olives on it. You can really vary this a lot by using different toppings.

I bake this on a cookie sheet, at 375, for about 15-18 minutes. But this varies some depending on how thick the french bread is and how many toppings I place on it.

Do you make french bread pizza? If so what are your favorite toppings?

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  1. This looks really good. I will have to try it. I make my own french bread out of freshly ground flour. It is a bit more chewy than store bought french bread, so maybe I will just make it thinner.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  2. turtleracing4 says:

    Your pizza looks so yummy! I often forget that you can make pizza out of other things if you don't have the time or patience to mess with a crust/dough. Great idea!

  3. newlyweds says:

    Oh we love this type of pizza also. One thing that we like to do is flip the bread upside down, drizzle with olive oil, and top. That way the bottom gets super crunchy and not so soggy.

  4. YUM! I'll have to try this one. We have pizza almost every Friday and I like to switch it up every now and then. 😀

  5. The article is usefull for me. I’ll be coming back to your blog.

  6. I love white pizza. I marinate garlic cloves in EVOO over night. I spread the oil lightly on the bread, sprinkle with motz. and parm. cheese and sprinkle with oregano. Some people like onion on this. Onion upsets my stomach.

    If you like spinach, after applying the oil, make a layer of baby spinach before you add the cheese. Yum Yum!


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