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Gluten Free Banana Waffles

My daughter loves anything banana and she was very excited when I made gluten free banana waffles recently.

This is one of those recipes where I made both a regular and a gluten free version. I find this much easier and less expensive with things like waffles since we have both gluten free and regular eaters in our house.

One of the things I love about these waffles is that they freeze perfectly. I have been making a large batch of both gluten free and regular ones and freezing them for breakfasts through out the week.

We love them and they make for a quick and easy breakfast.

My kids enjoy it it when I mix in a few chocolate chips to these. They are very good that way, but not quite as healthy.

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  1. I’ve never added bananas to waffles or pancakes, but it sounds great. So glad your daughter enjoyed them!

  2. They sound good. I have found gluten free pancakes and waffles don’t seem to freeze and reheat so well so I’ll have to try these.

  3. Mmm, banana waffles. I’ll have to give these a (dairy-free) try. Yum!


  4. I love the combination of banana with the chocolate chips. Your waffles look delicious.

  5. I tried this recipe and my husband (who is not gluten free) said these were the best waffles he’s ever had!

    • I am so glad that you liked them! I love hearing that gluten free food is as good as the regular version.

  6. These are amazingly delicious. Thank you!!!

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