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Twice Baked Potato Dip

When I saw this recipe a few months ago in a Southern Living magazine at my husband’s office I knew I had to try it. I may just have stole borrowed the magazine so that I could try it.

I think the reason this recipe caught my attention is that I love potatoes. (I think I already mentioned that this week.)

One of my favorite ways to eat potatoes is twice baked potatoes, and this recipe contains the basic ingredients for a twice baked potato. Well, minus the potato, but the potato is what you dip into this.

When I made this we ate it with my oven fries and also with homemade potato chips, but this would work for just about any chip and dip type item, not just potatoes.

And this is not a recipe I recommend eating everyday. It is not exactly healthy after all, but it is good, so good.

This would be a good dip to make as an appetizer or to serve for a large group of people.

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  1. Karen Osmon says:

    I have a recipe for this and just love it! You sure are right tho, not for everyday eating, special occasions only.

  2. How interesting that there are no potatoes in the recipe! I’ve always loved twice baked potatoes so I bet it’s terrific. Would be great for our biennial Valentine’s Day party. ;–)

    Thanks, Lynn!

  3. This looks so yummy! I can’t wait to try it. I shared this recipe on my Must Try Tuesday blog post.



  4. shamael says:

    can a light cream cheese be used in replace of the sour cream

    • @shamael, The cream cheese would be thicker than the sour cream, so I am not sure how well it would work. You could use part cream cheese and part sour cream or use a low fat sour cream and that might work. I hope that helps.

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