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Cheeseburger Pizza

We love homemade pizza in our house. It is one of our favorite meals.

I grew up with a mom that made homemade pizza. And I have been making homemade pizza for years. In fact, I have eaten way more homemade pizza in my lifetime than I have restaurant pizza. We really do love homemade pizza.

And not only is homemade pizza good, it is much cheaper than eating pizza at a restaurant or having it delivered.

It has taken me a while to find a gluten free pizza crust that we enjoy, but I am so thankful I finally found one, because this means homemade pizza night is back at our house.

One of the things that I love about homemade pizza is how much you can vary it. You can do a basic pepperoni pizza or you can change it up and do something totally different.

One of our favorite ways to change it up is to make cheeseburger pizza. This is so easy and my kids always love it. If you add bacon to this basic recipe, you will have a bacon cheeseburger pizza and it is really good. After all bacon makes every thing better, right?

I have cooked this both in the oven and on the grill and it tastes great both ways.

Have you ever tried Cheeseburger Pizza?


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  1. I love, love, love all of your dinner ideas. You have saved me from saying “What am I going to make for Dinner tonight”? again. I thank you.

    • @Eva, Thank you, I really appreciate that. And I am glad I can help. I am busy like everyone else and quick and easy dinner ideas are what I serve my family, so I am glad to share my ideas.

  2. Sarah Cassill says:

    My favorite is Sloppy Joe Pizza– your favorite crust, left over sloppy joes, and cheddar or co-jack cheese. I like adding onions, green peppers and mushrooms too.

    Home made pizza is an AWESOME way to use up leftovers too!

  3. This looks delish! I never made cheeseburger pizza but I did make a cheeseburger wrap last week that was a huge hit.

    We also love homemade pizzas.

  4. we’re having homemade pizza this weekend… may have to try this.

  5. I have never made cheeseburger pizza but I have made salad pizza and it is amazing. Maybe I will try this with the salad pizza as an app!


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