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Crispy Homemade Granola

Granola is one of those breakfast foods that is so easy to make, but many people have never tried. If you are one of those that have never tried it, I encourage you to make some because it really is easy.

Not only is granola easy to make, you can control what goes into it and it is much less expensive than buying it in a box at the store.

I have quite a few homemade granola recipes on my site, but my family likes to keep breakfast fun and interesting and I like to come up with new flavors for them to enjoy.

We love this granola because it has Rice Krispies in it which makes it a little crunchier than some of the other homemade granolas that I make. That little bit of cereal added to this gives it a nice crunch and a little different taste that we really enjoy.

If you love homemade granola or want to give some other flavors a try you might like some of my other versions.

Chocolate granola anyone?!

Homemade Coconut Granola is really good.

Easy Nut Free Granola is great for those with food allergies.

We love this Peanut Butter Granola and I used to make it all the time.

And pumpkin granola is perfect for fall, that is whenever we start having fall weather. Actually, this is really good anytime of year.


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  1. The link for the pumpkin granola isn’t working right. It takes you to the peanut butter granola link.

  2. Cinnamon is mentioned twice in the directions, but only once on the list of ingredients. Help?

  3. Would I be able to switch out old-fashioned oats for quick cooking without issue? How about with the other granola recipes on your site? Thanks!

    • The texture will be a little different, but yes it will work fine. And yes on the other granola recipes. All old fashioned, all quick, some of both, or part rice crispies will work. I just depends on the texture you want. I hope that helps.

  4. I substituted the honey with maple syrup since it was what I had on hand an it turned out great! My 2 year old loves this and its such a money saver. Next I’m thinking of adding some shredded coconut and subbing in coconut oil for the vegetable oil for a coconut flavor!

  5. Jennifer L. says:

    My son is allowed a morning snack at school because he has a late lunch. This is perfect. Luckily there was enough left for him because every time I’d walk by, I’d grab some. This stuff is so good!

  6. This is our go-to recipe for granola! My kids love it….especially the extra crunch that the rice krispies provide. We add sliced almonds, sunflower seeds and flax seed. I just tried it with coconut oil instead of the usual canola oil, and noticed that it tended to get much more brown (a little burnt on the edges) quickly, so just keep an eye out for that it you use coconut oil.
    Thanks for the recipe!!

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