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Please Help Me By Sharing Your Thoughts

This week marks the beginning of September and I am looking ahead to what I will be sharing and doing on my site for the fall and winter months. I have some great things planned and I can’t wait to share them with all of you.

In my planning I realized that in the entire time that I have been blogging, I have never done a reader survey.

Yes, I have asked a few questions here and there on Facebook about what you would like to see, but I have never done anything beyond that to ask you all what you enjoy and would like me to share.

So, I decided that it was time to have you all share your thoughts with me.

If you all are tired of baked oatmeal or quick and easy dinners or a certain series that I have, there is not much point of me continuing to share them.  So, today is your chance to share what you think.

If you have time I would love your help by taking the short survey below. And if there is something that is not covered in the survey that you want to share feel free to leave it in the comments.

Thank you all so much!

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. Jennifer D. says:

    Love your blog!!

  2. Karen Osmon says:

    I really like reading your blog and trying different recipes!

  3. Brenda McCormick says:

    You do a terrific job and, in my mind, if something isn’t broken, why try to fix it???

  4. I agree, you are doing great as is – don’t need to change a thing!

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