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Gluten and Dairy Baking Chips { Ask the Readers}

I know I have a lot of gluten free readers that are also dairy free. My family is gluten free, but not dairy free, so I am not up on the dairy free options available.

Today I have a question from one of my readers, who just happens to also be my sister, about dairy free chips for baking.

For all you gluten-free & dairy-free folks, what brand do you use for baking chips? I can find chocolate, but trying to find butterscotch, white chocolate, or peanut butter chips without both is next to impossible at the grocery store. 

So, can you all help? Is there gluten and dairy free options available either in stores or online? What brands have you found?

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  1. Donna Spencer says:

    I have found recipes online to make your own. I haven’t made any as yet, but I bought all the ingredients.

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