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What Is the Best Breakfast Sausage

I am going old school today and am asking my readers for help in figuring out what the best breakfast sausage is to buy.  Years go, back in the old days of blogging, I regularly did ask the readers posts. I love to share recipes and cooking tips, but there is still so much that I don’t know. And there are so many ingredients and […]

Best Waffle Maker {Ask the Readers}

It is been a long time since I did an Ask the Readers question, but I need help finding a new waffle maker and knew you might be able to help me decide. I love making special breakfasts during the holidays. This year for Christmas morning we decided to have homemade waffles with fruit topping and whipped cream. It is one of my kids favorite […]

Crock Pot Oatmeal {Ask the Readers}

It has been a long time since we did an Ask the Readers post! You all are full of information and are always so helpful. I love doing these posts. I need to get back to doing these more often. I recently had a reader email me about making oatmeal in the Crock Pot. I have never had great success with it, but I know […]

Ask the Readers (Should I Try Goodreads?)

Today I have a totally non-food question for you. I almost didn’t ask it, but my readers are so much help when I have a question, that I decided to go ahead and do a totally non-food fun post today. I hope you don’t mind. I also hope that some of you will find it helpful. It is no secret that I love reading. My […]

Cleaning A Double Oven {Ask the Readers}

Several years ago when we were remodeling our kitchen I did an Ask the Readers post on double oven ranges and if they were worth it. The comments readers left on that post were great. I ended up keeping the double oven we had, but so many readers found your comments and thoughts on double oven ranges helpful. That post is several years old, but readers […]

Ask the Readers {Cookbook, eCookbook, or Printable Recipes}

I shared yesterday that I am working on new projects. Those new projects have me thinking and doing some research on ebooks vs books. And also books vs online reading. That all leads me to me Ask the Readers question today. I love hearing from you all on what you like and what you buy. So today can we talk books and more specifically cookbooks. […]

What To Buy At Costco

A couple of week’s ago I asked what I should buy at Trader Joe’s. You were so much help! I got so many ideas. I have already went once to Trader Joe’s and I can’t wait to go back. I had to control myself so that I did not buy too much. Thanks to all of you I have all kinds of things to add […]

What To Buy At Trader Joe’s

Oklahoma got its first Trader Joe’s store a couple of months ago. It has brought quite a bit of excitement to our area. I have really wanted to go, but it is not super close to me and is not in an area I go often. However, I plan to make a trip in the next week or so. It won’t be a place I […]

What Can I Use In Place Of Buttermilk {Ask the Readers}

I recently had a reader submit an Ask the Readers question about buttermilk. It was a great question, so I thought I would answer it today and let you all add your thoughts as well. I love it when readers can help each other, so if you have a question for my readers or me, you can submit it by clicking here and filling out […]

What Is An Instant Pot and Why Do I Need One {Ask the Readers}

Today’s Ask the Readers question comes from me. I am hoping some of you can help me. I keep hearing and reading about the Instant Pot. For those that don’t know it is basically an electric pressure cooker that does a lot more than just pressure cook. It is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and more. It seems to do it all […]

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.