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Mini Pepper Jack Corn Muffins

We don’t need to talk about how many of these mini pepper jack corn muffins I ate last time I made them, okay…… when they are mini, that means you can eat more right?

If you can’t tell, I really enjoyed these. I think I ate more of the muffins, than I did the bowl of chili that I served them with.

Warm from the oven these are so good. The gooey cheese inside mixed with the cornbread part is delicious.

I love the fact that these are mini, not because you can eat more of them, but because they are the perfect for just eating a little bit with a bowl of soup or chili.

They were also the perfect size for just eating one for a quick snack or for lunch. And they are a great size for little kids to easily eat.

Our muffins did not last long for us, but if you have any leftover, or if you make a large batch, these would be perfect for the freezer. These little corn muffins would be delicious added to so many different meals.


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  1. Yum!! And perfect timing- I’m taking muffins to a church dinner this week- I’m going to make these!

    You should try this recipe I found on Pinterest- they are delicious, too!!


  2. Thanks for the recipe! I made these for a Bible Conference lunch. They were good! Went together fast!

  3. Can you use any type of oil or can you sub butter?

    • I just use canola or vegetable oil, but I would guess that others would work. I have never tried butter, but I would think it would be worth trying.

  4. These were delicious! I used shredded cheddar instead of the pepper jack and they were still delicious. If I were to make this in a pan instead of muffins, any idea what size pan? Thanks!

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