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Using Parchment Paper {Kitchen Tip}

Parchment paper is one of those items that is not necessary to everyday kitchen life, but in many cases it does make kitchen life easier.

It is one of those things that I do not use often, but is nice to have on hand for special baked treats and for holiday cooking. And when I use it, it is so worth having.

Some baked good like, brownies and cakes, just remove from the pan much better with parchment paper. If you want a brownie that comes out of the pan perfectly, so that you can cut beautiful looking pieces, parchment paper is the key.

And today I have a tip for using parchment paper for you.

Now, this tip is not original to me, I believe I first saw it years ago on an old Martha Stewart show. I thought it was brilliant because it makes using parchment paper so much easier. Over the years I have used this tip many times and thought it was time to share it with all of you.

This is so simple to do and it uses an item that most of you probably have in your home.

Have you ever put your parchment paper into a pan only to have it move all around as you spread the batter into the pan? Or have you had trouble getting the batter to the edges of the pan without the paper slipping all around?

If so, this tip is for you.

A simple binder clip is all you need, well you actually need a few simple binder clips.

I know many of you probably have a couple of these sitting around in your desk or kitchen junk drawer. You may have saved them knowing they would be good for something, someday. Well, next time you use parchment paper pull those binder clips out and put them to use.

All you do is place your parchment paper in your pan, then using the binder clips, clip the parchment paper to the sides of the pan and spread the batter into the pan.

Remove binder clips and bake. Don’t forget to remove the binder clips. Baked binder clips are not a good thing.

A simple and easy tip for using parchment paper. You never know when those non kitchen items will save you time in the kitchen. Who would have thought a simple office supply product could be so useful.

If you are interested in the brownie recipe pictured above, I shared it on my allergy section a few months ago. And even if you are not gluten free, these are a really good fudgey brownie and use everyday ingredients.

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  1. Lynn-I am new to gf cooking/baking. Is the cornstarch in your brownie recipe just regular cornstarch or some kind of special gf cornstarch? Thanks.

    • All cornstarch should be gluten free. I have yet, to see one that is not, but always read labels. If it has wheat in it, it should say. For this I just use everyday cornstarch. I buy it in large containers at Sam’s Club since I now use it so often. I hope that helps and that you enjoy the brownies.

  2. What a great tip! I love to use parchment paper for baking cookies but haven’t used it for brownies. Need to try that!

  3. I use Parchment paper in the slow cooker too — works great!

  4. what a great tip! it’s always so difficult to get parchment paper to stay in place in a pan. 🙂

  5. AmosFarkle says

    The best trick I’ve EVER, EVER, EVER found for parchment paper is to line your table-top (aka Foreman) grill with it. It can take the heat and cuts clean-up to basically nothing.

  6. I like to use it when I cook squash. It doesn’t make a mess on the pan and it doesn’t stick. Also when I bake rolls from a tube they don’t burn. That always makes me mad kris

  7. Where has this tip been all my life?! I have struggled when making my homemade caramels to get the parchment to sort of fit in the pan before I pour the caramel in. This is perfect! Thank you!

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.