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Gluten Free Cheeseburger Helper Recipe

Gluten Free Cheeseburger Helper

Today I have another quick and easy gluten free dinner idea for you. And not only is this quick and easy to make, it is a great kid friendly gluten free meal.

I receive many emails and comments from readers that are new to gluten free and are overwhelmed with gluten free cooking and baking. Many of those same people are new to cooking from scratch and that makes gluten free cooking even more overwhelming.

Yes, there are many gluten free boxed and pre-made items available, and there are times I love and use those, but they can be very expensive and lacking in taste and texture. I have found that homemade is usually the best option for both taste and the budget.

On my main site I have shared many homemade favorites and many of those favorites can be made gluten free simply by changing a few things or using gluten free ingredients.

Today’s gluten free cheeseburger helper is one of those that is easy to make gluten free. So, I decided to share it here today with the changes needed to make it gluten free.

For those of you that loved the boxed versions of the helper meals or have kids that did, I highly suggest making this.

Gluten Free Cheeseburger Helper-

And here is my little disclaimer. 🙂 It has been a really long time since we had a box of Cheeseburger Helper, so I am not sure that this taste will be 100% the same taste you get from the box. I know they change the taste and formulations over the years and the tastes may have changed some since I tried it last. But I have been making homemade versions for years and we love the homemade versions better than any of the boxes we tried. 

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  1. Hi, I just found out about being allergic to wheat within the last week. I have found this past week that I have been kind of angry about it. Although I know in the long run my allergy symptoms may go away with time if I behave myself and cut the wheat out of my diet. But as I looked in my pantry and read labels, it feeds my anger not my belly. I can’t believe that wheat flour is in so many different kinds of products. I’m absolutely amazed. I am happy to find your site and I will keep my eyes out for recipes to try. Thank you LYNNS KITCHEN .

    • The first few weeks I went gluten free were hard, but it does get easier as you start to figure more and more things out as far as what you can and cannot eat. I found it easiest to focus on what I could have and not what I couldn’t those first few weeks and months. So much is naturally gluten free like dairy, eggs, meat, corn, beans, potatoes, etc. focusing on those things while you figure things out might help.

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