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Easy Chili Dogs

Easy Chili Dogs

These easy chili dogs are one of those recipes that I almost did not share because really they are not much of a recipe. But since they are one of our favorite ways to use leftover chili and they are on the menu plan often, I knew it was something I should share. And really what kid would not want that chili cheese dog!

I love chili dogs because they are easy to make, but what I really love about them is that I almost always have the items needed in the freezer to make them for a quick dinner.

Chili is one of my favorite freezer meals because I can use it so many ways. I also almost always have a package of hot dogs in the freezer because hot dogs are just one of those kid friendly foods I keep on hand.

I often have hot dog buns in the freezer as well, but even if I don’t they are an easy item to pick up. We have also been known to use just regular old bread. It works fine too. And the gluten free eaters in the family just skip the bread altogether and eat the hot dog piled high with chili and cheese.

Easy Chili Dogs-

When we make chili dogs we prefer our chili beanless. Yes, you can use whatever chili you have on hand, but we like a meaty no bean chili for this.

We also keep it pretty simple with just cheese on top, but you can add chopped onions or whatever else you like.

Last week I shared that I would be sharing simple ways I use leftover chili. This week’s post is just the first of several I have planned. So, if chili dogs are not your thing, stay tuned for more great ideas. I have another one planned for next week.

Easy Chili Dogs



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  1. If I hadn’t been taught to open up a can and a few packges (buns &dogs) when I was eleven, I’d certainly be the adult trolling
    the web for how to make a chili dog. And I’m sure there’s someone hat has only purchased chili dogs from a fast food place and wants to make them at home. Thanks for sharing the basics Lynn this post is helpful. Oh and I loved eating the hot dog first so I could enjoy the bread,chili and cheese, so good!

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