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Apple Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Apple Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie

Cookies for breakfast?! Yes, please. Really who doesn’t love cookies for breakfast!

My kids love hearing that they can have cookies for breakfast. I love them because they are quick and easy to make. They are pretty healthy and make a great breakfast on the go. They also freeze great for make ahead breakfasts.

Breakfast cookies also make a great lunchbox or after school treat. And of course they make a pretty healthy dessert too. There is really so much to love about breakfast cookies.

So far on my site I have shared pumpkin breakfast cookies, peanut butter breakfast cookies, peaches and cream breakfast cookies, and banana breakfast cookies. I hope you all are not tired of breakfast cookies because I have another one for you today.

Apple Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies-

Today’s version of breakfast cookies contains apples. The combination of apples, cinnamon, and oatmeal combined in a cookie is delicious! These might be my favorite breakfast cookie. I loved them.

These apple oatmeal breakfast cookies are perfect anytime of year, but with the flavor combination we especially love these in the fall.

And if you need these to be gluten free just use gluten free oats.

Apple Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie


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  1. Thanks for sharing….these sound yummy! I am curious if these would work with dehydrated apples and if so how much (weight-wise and volume-wise – chopped) would need to be used to sub for the fresh apples. We have a lot of quick oats and dehydrated apples in our food storage and I want to put them to good use as a trial run. I am trying to gather recipes my family likes so if an emergency arises we can still have some enjoyment in our food. Thanks!

    • …oh and would I need to soak the apples first somehow or just chop them and use them straight from the can? Thanks again!

      • I think you could easily stir in some dehydrated apples. I am not sure how many, I would just stir some in and give it a try. 🙂 I think you could stir them in dry and add a little more liquid to the batter. I would also let them sit a few minutes before baking to let the apples rehydrate some. But yes I think it would easily work.

  2. Might be an odd question nut are the cookies sticky after baking? Thanks!

  3. *But not nut

    • They are not sticky or gummy like a bowl of oatmeal would be. They are kind of like a baked oatmeal, but in a cookie form. Or like a healthy hearty type cookie.

  4. Hi…about how many cookies does this recipe make? Thanks…

  5. I’ve done something wrong. My batter is very soupy and it’s not baking into a cookie. It tastes wonderful though! I’m wondering if I have the wrong oats. I bought a warehouse-sized box and repackaged it so I’m not sure if they’re old-fashioned or quick cooking. I think it makes a difference!!

    • If you don’t know what type of oats they are I would guess it is the oats, because yes they would give them a different texture. If you want to use those oats again, I would say just cut back on the milk or applesauce and that should help. I am glad that the flavor was at least good!

  6. We just tried making these this morning. My daughter, who is a super picky 2 year old, is devouring them as I type. That being said, the cookies came out of the oven sticky and crumbly at the same time. I think the type of oatmeal used might be what makes the difference. We used old fashioned oats. The batter was loose, kind of soupy looking, before we baked it. So, hopefully my comment helps. It’s a really yummy crumbly, slightly sticky cookie.

    • I am glad your daughter enjoyed them so much! Even if they were crumbly. 🙂 And yes, old fashioned oats will make a difference in these. I think that is why some have had problems with my breakfast cookies. They used old fashioned oats instead of quick. I need to make them with old fashioned ones and see if I can come up with the right amounts for using them. The liquid and maybe the eggs needs some adjusting when using old fashioned oats. Thanks for sharing that though. It is helpful!

      • My pleasure! Seriously, getting her to eat anything other than yogurt and fruit in the morning is a challenge, so I really appreciate the recipe. I think we’ll get some quick cooking oats at the store and try again. It’s a great recipe!

  7. Sounds great. Can you tell me what is the serving size and nutrition information.

  8. Jusy Andersen says

    My batter is like water…I can’t bake the as cookies…it’s like soup…did you leave flour out of this recipe…I’m sure you won’t read this and answer right away but I have a bowl of soupy Apple oatmeal in front of me so I am going to add a cup of all purpose GF flour and hope for the best…please let me know what I’m missing…Judy

    • That batter is not as thick as normal cookie batter, but it also shouldn’t run all over the place. I don’t add flour, but if you want it thicker you could add a little gf flour blend to it. I hope they at least tasted okay. And sorry that I did not get to this more quickly.

      • I had to use regular flour… I ran out of GF flour…they were ok but very spongy…..I used GF oats but they were the old fashioned oats, next time I will use the GF quick cook oats! Thank you for your reply…I love your website and will watch for more recipes!

        Thank you, Judy

        • The texture is different than a normal cookie. Kind of like baked oatmeal in the form of a cookie. I am so glad that you enjoy my recipes and website. Have a great day!


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