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Gluten Free Slow Cooked Chicken Legs

Slow Cooked Barbecue Ranch Chicken Legs_

Often times I think we over look the simple recipes that are easy to make gluten free. Gluten Free Slow Cooked Chicken legs is an example of one of those recipes.

I love making these slow cooked chicken legs because they only contain a couple of ingredients and my whole family loves them. It was not until recently though that it hit me what an easy gluten free meal they were. Once again this is regular food that just happens to be gluten free.

You could serve this chicken to anyone and no one would think twice about it being gluten free. Those are my favorite gluten free meals to serve because they are regular food that is inexpensive to make that everyone loves and that just happens to be gluten free.

Slow Cooked Barbecue Ranch Chicken Legs

For easy gluten free side dishes serve this with salad and crock pot baked potatoes or oven fries.

Now I guess this recipe can’t be considered a quick gluten free recipe because it does cook in the crock pot, so it takes 7-8 hours, but they are easy to make and quick to put together.

The prep time on these is only a few minutes. You then put them in the crock pot and they cook while you go about your day. They will be ready and waiting at dinner time. So in many ways these are still a quick and easy gluten free dinner, even if they take all day to cook.

These chicken legs do call for seasoning salt. I usually make my own using Paula Deen’s seasoning recipe, but if you use store bought seasoning salt be sure to read the label to be sure it is gluten free. I think most are but always read the label to be safe.




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