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Slow Cooked Cheesy Potato Cauliflower Soup

Slow Cooked Cheesy Potato Soup

A few months ago a friend made a cauliflower soup that was so good. When I asked her about it she said she took a basic baked potato type soup recipe and simply used cauliflower. I loved the idea and decided to give it a try with my favorite slow cooked baked potato soup recipe.

Because not everyone in my family loves cauliflower as much as I do, I decided to use part potatoes and part cauliflower. I am glad I did because it turned out wonderful and everyone loved it. I think you could easily use all cauliflower though if your family loves cauliflower.

Slow Cooked Cheesy Potato Soup

I think this might be my new favorite soup. I enjoyed it that much. We stirred in a little bacon, but you don’t have to. I also left the sour cream out of the cauliflower version. If you want it a extra creamy you can stir in some sour cream when serving.

Slow Cooked Cheesy Potato Soup

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