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Gluten Free Chocolate Graham Crackers

gluten free chocolate graham crackers

Gluten free chocolate graham crackers anyone?!

If you have gluten free kids these are a must make. They are so good and they are pretty easy to make. Really these are not hard. They take some time, but anyone can make these.

I have a stack of gluten free recipes waiting to be shared with you all, but when I made these earlier this week and they turned out so well, I knew it was a recipe I had to share right away.

I miss graham crackers. They are one of those things that I so wish I could still have. As a kid I always loved eating graham crackers. I loved them plain, dipped in milk, spread with peanut butter, and especially when my mom would spread some leftover frosting on them for a fun dessert. Yes, my love of graham crackers goes way back.

And not only do I love graham crackers for just eating, I love using them for pie crusts and desserts. A simple graham cracker crust makes pie making so easy.

gluten free chocolate graham crackers -

Since going gluten free I have bought several brands of gluten free graham crackers and although they work okay for making pies, they were not that great on their own.

I have also tried to make my own several times, but was not completely happy with the result. I wanted something that would taste great both plain as crackers and for crusts.

So, this week I temporarily gave up on regular graham crackers and decided to give homemade chocolate graham crackers a try. Now, I will go back and keep tweaking the regular ones to find a gluten free version, but for now I thought I needed to branch out and try something else.

Plus, with all the holiday baking coming up, I knew if I could make homemade chocolate graham crackers gluten free then I would have endless possibilities for desserts. So I was set out figuring how to make a really good gluten free chocolate graham cracker.

And it worked. I loved these and my kids loved these. They were delicious! Now, they are not exactly like you would buy in a box at the store. The texture is a little different and they are not as sweet, but they are delicious!

Holiday baking will be much easier now that I have figured these out. I am thinking these will be my few favorite crust to make and it has inspired me to keep working on the regular gluten free graham crackers. So stay tuned for those.

Now go make your kids some gluten free chocolate graham crackers. They will love you for it!

gluten free chocolate graham crackers-



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  1. Lynn, these look incredible! I just shared on All Gluten-Free Desserts so everyone can visit to get the recipe! 🙂 Thanks!


  2. Veronica H says


    I just love all your recipes. How much regular flour would I use instead of this being a gluten free recipe? Thank you.


  3. I make my own version of gluten-free graham type crackers and chocolate, too. I have found that if you sprinkle them with the superfine sugar (or a cinnamon sugar mixture) before baking them, the sugar stays on pretty well. Not as though they really need the extra sugar, but it makes them look nice.

    • I just used regular sugar. I need to try the superfine, so thanks for suggesting it. The cinnamon sugar would be really good on regular gf ones!


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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.