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Oven Pancakes

Do you remember those Muffin Top Pans that were really popular a couple of years ago? Do you have one buried in the back of you kitchen cupboard?

Well, if you do, I have a new use for them today, and if you don’t have one of those pans, you may see why they can be very useful.

To be honest, I always thought the muffin top pans were a little silly. I did not think they were worth taking up space in my cupboard, but then my sister told me how they were helpful for gluten free cooking. I decided that the muffin top pans might be useful after all  in my kitchen.

Once I bought the pans, my mind started thinking about all the different things I could do with them, besides just gluten free cooking. I realized that these could be useful for several things.

I quickly thought about how these might work well for oven pancakes. It would save so much time in the mornings to be able to bake my pancakes in the oven. I tried it and these pans work perfectly for this.

Yes, these are little pancakes. They should probably be called mini oven pancakes, but my kids did not care at all. They loved them. I loved them because of how quick and easy they make breakfast.

Here is what I do.

I take pancake batter and fill each muffin top cup with a couple tablespoons of batter. It does not take much. They will spread out and fill in as they cook.

I then baked them at 375 for 11-13 minutes or until done.

As you can see the bottoms get browned like a regular pancake would, but the tops are lighter in color. This does not bother me, but if you want them to be more true pancake like, flip them over, and let them bake a few more minutes. That way both sides will be browned.

Serve and enjoy!

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  1. Ok now I want one of these pans just to make pancakes in!! These look terrific! Great idea!
    .-= Bunny´s last blog ..Caribbean Honey Spiced Chicken – Pistachio Ice Cream – Caramel Rolls =-.

  2. I LOVE this idea! I’ll be emailing my Freecycle group to see if anyone has such a pan. I haven’t been baking long enough to have a spare 😉

    Is the cup large enough to cook an egg? Say, make a McMuffin type breakfast? 🙂
    .-= Allie Z´s last blog ..What’s in a letter? =-.

  3. What a cute idea! I’ll have to keep an eye out for these pans now.
    .-= April´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday 4/26~5/2 =-.

  4. very cute!! My little boys will love these. I had never heard of a muffin top pan, went tonight after reading your post to my grocery store and look at that – they had the pans on clearance for $4!! 🙂 So, next time I go back I am going to get two. I wanted to make sure that they were the right size. Cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

  5. You don’t like muffin tops? Holy cats – I just bought another three pans recently because I learned that while I make muffins often, it’s hard to unload the ‘regular’ or even ‘mini’ muffins on the kids unless they’re fresh baked, but the one pan of muffin tops I made with my one pan would disappear no matter what. The top is the best part!

    In fact my kids are having corn muffin tops from the freezer for breakfast this morning [and as a side note, they stack nicely in the freezer [in individual sandwich bags] for quick breakfasts, packing in lunchboxes etc.

    That said, this is a very cute idea, and I’m certain I’ll be trying it – I will likely keep using my electric thingie [sorry, it’s early] to make current pancakes [as in eating as they come off the griddle – GRIDDLE! That’s the word] but I’ll probably toss in a few pans of these while I”m doing it so that I can have a stack of nice, tidy, easy to freeze pancakes . . . and think of the breakfast sandwich possibilities! Two pans of pancakes bake and one pan with eggs mixed with whatever you might want to add to eggs and they’re the perfect size for sanwiches –

    You are too cool for school – and your sister too!

  6. This is brilliant! I wish I had these pans, alas I do not. Maybe I will find some as I garage sale this summer. To have all the pancakes done at the same time would be so wonderful.
    .-= Christy´s last blog ..Lentil Soup or "Shorabat Addas" =-.

  7. Wow, this is really cool! I’d never seen these types of pans before. What fun 🙂

    ~Aubree Cherie
    .-= Aubree Cherie´s last blog ..Tangy Split Pea Soup =-.

  8. I don’t have one of those pans, but now I will be on the look out at garage sales! Such a great idea…thanks for sharing!
    .-= alisa´s last blog ..Sweet Sliders =-.

  9. Is that really a muffin top pan? I only ask because I haven’t been able to find a muffin top pan with 12 spaces, only whoopie pie pans.
    .-= flora´s last blog ..Gluten Free Pie Crust =-.

    • Tiffany Wagner says

      A whoopie pie pan should work. I havent tried this recipe yet but i use mine for other tgibgs and it should be tge right size for this.

  10. What a fantastic idea! So much quicker than having to stand over a griddle!

  11. Super cute idea! Thanks!!

  12. This is so great! I’m terrible at using the griddle for pancakes, but this I could handle! Now I just have to find one of those pans… lol
    .-= Vanessa´s last blog ..The Boredom of Rest =-.

  13. Fantastic idea!!! I wish I had one of those!!!
    .-= Mrs. Jen B´s last blog ..Pesto Gorgonzola Pasta Salad – Taste and Create =-.

  14. Rachel Lynn says

    I’d never heard of muffin top pans. They make wonderful little pancakes though. Now, I wish I had some.

  15. Oh, how cute are those?! 😀

    Thanks for sharing, Lynn!

    Have a great day!
    .-= Sherry´s last blog ..Sweet and Smokin’ Pork Chops =-.

  16. These look yummy, if only I had a muffin top pan!

  17. What a great idea! I have a muffin top pan I wasn’t using, so I’ll try this!
    .-= NsncyC´s last blog ..Maple Oatmeal Muffins =-.

  18. From the picture, those look like what we call Yorkshire pudding pans. This is the most brilliant idea I have heard in a long time. Pancakes are perfect for serving a crowd, except for standing over the stove cooking them. I will definitely be trying them this way.

  19. What a super idea! I am glad that I still have a couple of these pans. Thank-you so much for sharing.
    .-= michelle´s last blog ..BITS & PIECES and something for the basket =-.

  20. I really like this idea, oh heck its a great idea. I ended up with one of these pans (not sure how but its a little 6 topper size) that I bet would make a great breakfast sandwich!

    mmmm now I have to check out this idea under weight watchers ……. THANKS!
    .-= Kat´s last blog ..The ongoing battle continues …… =-.

  21. I ordered a muffin top pan last week from, to be picked up at the store today. (Having online orders delivered to a nearby store is a good way to get items not available locally without paying for shipping.) As soon as I discovered there IS such a thing as a muffin top pan, I had to have one ASAP.

    I had to giggle when I did a search for recipes using a “muffin top” pan and ten zillion exercises for my abs and midriff appeared. I could probably use those too.

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