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Potatoes and Sausage

This is one of those recipes that is not really a recipe and I almost did not post it, but it is a dish my family really enjoys.

I enjoy it not only because it tastes really good, but because it is so easy. It contains only 2 ingredients. You can not get much more simple than that.

And if you serve this with a vegetable and maybe even some bread or rolls, you have a simple, yet delicious meal.

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. I am glad you did post it! It didn’t really cross my mind to make this, but it sounds yummy and I just bought a big package of sausage this week. – perhaps even tonight.

  2. Lynn Arnett says

    Oh goodness, I can’t wait to try this! How much easier could it be to cook meat and potatoes for Supper!

  3. I make something similar to this. I make homemade cream of mushroom soup and pour it over the already browned sausage or hamburger and potatos…bake until the potatos are done and soup is bubbly. Sprinkle top with cheese if desired. Kid and hubby love this.

  4. I make something similar too – I add oregano, onions and celery. Where I’m from, it is called Pig’s Stomach. The older generations used to put everything into a pig’s stomach to bake! 😮 I leave that part out! 😉

    Yum, yum, yummy!!

  5. I do something similar and often roast other veggies with the sausage and potatoes to help our veggie intake. Carrots, beets, pumpkin, peppers etc, basically anything we have in the fridge!

  6. We just made something like this last week but we added bell peppers and onions and tossed with a little olive oil and oregano- So simple and so good!

  7. Louise Davis says

    Do you cover this when you bake it or not?

  8. My family loves “Potatoes and Kielbasa”! We use a Turkey Kielbasa and I do sprinkle it with garlic and onion powder before I bake. Yummy, Easy dinner.

  9. Kelly Perry says

    made this tonight-hit!

  10. This sounds yummy!

  11. I’m realizing more and more that simple is the way to go! I’m really glad you posted this recipe.

  12. carla sorensen says

    I will try it just the way it is! Nothing added! It looks so good and EASY! Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a blessed day!

  13. Sounds very good — hash, only with pork!

  14. Oh, yum~! Glad you shared this because it looks like one of those homet stick to your ribs kinda dinners.

    Stop on over and visit Free 2 Be Frugal sometime soon!

  15. Delicious … substituted the chicken sausage with chorizo and seasoned the potatoes with some paprika… only addition I can think of is some onion. Yum!

  16. I have done something similar in a crockpot – but I like that it gets crispy in the oven =-] yum!

  17. oh yes!
    This is good, home food! LOVE

  18. I totally love this blog, thank you, yum yum yum

  19. Thanks so much for sharing this as I didn’t know what to do with the italian sausage in the fridge that needs to be cooked today. I like the fact that I don’t have to make a special trip to the grocery store since we spent a little too much during Thanksgiving weekend; Black Friday almost put me in the red 😛 I’m sure this will be a hit for dinner tonight 😀

  20. @DP, I am so glad. I hope you enjoy it! We love it. It is so easy and so good.

  21. Thanks so much for posting this recipe! I have chicken Kielbasa’s I got from the meat department and my 2 yr old Daughter loves potatoes (dislikes rice) so I’m always looking for new ways to cook potatoes. Just perfect!

  22. This was sooo good! I used the chicken apple sausages with yukon potatoes! Thank you for this easy recipe!

  23. Thank you for the inspi! I made it last night in crockpot with some onion. Side dish was butternut squash stuffed with chunked apple, brown sugar, pie spice and butter. This dish and dinner combo is a frugal pantry keeper.

  24. It’s Hog Maw without the stomach! I can never find the stomachs very easily. I live out a ways. I never really thought about cooking hog maw without the stomach, but I am now in serious craving mode and I believe we will be having modified hog maw and sauerkraut tomorrow! Yum!

  25. I cannot believe how good this is! Only thing I did differently was to add onions! I have served this for dinner once a week for the last three weeks. So good! Thank you for the recipe and your website!

  26. This looks delish and soo easy!! Two of my favorite things! 😉 I’ve got a bag of potatoes that have been just waiting for some inspiration and turkey sausage in the fridge! Supper tomorrow – done and done! Thanks! =)

  27. I’m giving this a try tonight, b/c it sounds incredible. I sauteed some onions to throw in it. I bought an apple-gouda chicken sausage to put in it. It’s already-cooked, though; I hope it works out ok. I dotted the top with some butter to maybe make up for the lack of fat (presumably) in the pre-cooked sausage.

  28. I am making this tonight for a pseudo-Irish meal, served with sauteed cabbage on the side. So simple!

  29. Good way to use up potatoes, Glad you posted it!

  30. Lori A. says

    Looks yummy! I have some Hans spinach & feta cheese chicken sausage in the freezer that I need to use. I’m going to try this tonight.

  31. This is a very tasty dish! We place an egg cooked over easy on top and let the yolk break open over the potatoes and sausage – yum!

  32. Thanks for posting this recipe! I added wrinkly cherry tomatoes and sliced mushrooms to mine and cleaned out the fridge 🙂

  33. When we were kids my mom made a stove top version of this, only she used hot dogs and added corn. I have made it for my kids and they love it! I have used sausage in it as well. I’ll have to try baking it as it would be easier to make enough to feed all of us (nine eaters in the family).

  34. I make something similar to this, but we call it Poor Man’s Meal. In a large pot I put vegetable oil (just to prevent sticking and burning), a diced head of cabbage, one diced onion, diced garlic (a couple cloves), sausage, pepper to taste, and sliced potatoes (with skin on). Just cook until done and serve with ketchup on top. Yummy!

    You can also do this in the crock pot.

  35. I, too, am glad you posted it! I was so excited about it, I made it tonight without even reading the comments – and now I can wait to try it again to add bell peppers, carrots, etc! I used some Spinach, Fontina and Garlic chicken sausage that I had in the freezer from Costco. It was pre-cooked, so I just added it during the last 10 minutes of the potatoes. And I used my new “Silpat”-ish mat to make clean-up a breeze!

  36. I made it tonight. Everyone loved it! Thanks for another great recipe.

  37. This is very good way to use up left over meat! Sometimes I use roast beef, or keilbabasa, ground sausage, whatever. REALLY good if you add scramled eggs to it and serve with bicuits and gravy 🙂

  38. *BISCUITS lol

  39. We love fried potatoes but I don’t love cooking them. This looks like a great and easy alternative. Thanks so much for sharing!

  40. I wonder…..if I used the G-free maple/apple chicken sausage I found with sweet potatoes instead of white…..hmmm….. Maybe toss in a few diced apples halfway through and drizzle a little maple syrup over at the end??? Gotta try it!!! Any meal of the day, right?!?!?

    • Sweet potatoes added is good, but never thought to try the maple syrup. I am going to have to try that now. I have used all kinds of different sausages and it has always worked. The apple flavor with sweet potatoes would be delicious!

  41. Have you tried making this in the crockpot? My kids love this meal and gave requested it but it’s too hot to turn on the oven. Would you make any changes?

    • I have not tried that. I think it would work, but would have a little different texture. In the oven the potatoes crisp up some and I don’t think they would do that in the crock pot. I hope that helps.

  42. Mom of six says

    I often cook potatoes, carrots, and onions tossed with olive oil, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and salt & pepper to taste in the the oven. Putting the meat in also is genius!

  43. My family loved this dinner. Simple and easy. We made ours with bratwurst (because that is what was in the freezer). Thank you for sharing.

  44. Amy Barnhart says

    Should I just spread everything on a big cookie sheet? Would you oil the pan first or does the sausage create enough?

    • Yes you just spread it out on a cookie sheet or 9×13 pan. The sausage usually has plenty of oil. If you are using a really lean sausage, like maybe a really lean chicken sausage, you might have to add a little oil, but it usually doesn’t need it. I hope you enjoy it!

  45. Holly Jarboe says

    So simple and it tastes great. Whole family liked it. Thank you.

  46. Julia Zeigler says

    I was wondering if I mix sausage, potatoes and cabbage and a little onion to taste, should I mix a broth or soup in with it?

    • I have added onion to it, but never cabbage. For the onion I didn’t add any broth. I don’t know how the cabbage will do though. The cabbage might not take as long to cook, so it might dry out. I would probably add the cabbage part way through, keep in eye on it, and not add broth. If it looks like it is drying out, you could add a little broth or liquid. The thing we like about this recipe is that it kind of roasts the potatoes and sausage giving them great texture without liquid. I hope that helps.

  47. Can ground sausage be used for this recipe or just the link style?

    • I have not tried it with ground sausage but it would probably work, the texture would just be different. I might brown it part way and then add it to the potatoes part way through the potatoes cooking. Since I have not tried it though I am not sure how it would work.

  48. How does this recipe make the ingredients a “pie”. Isn’t it just a sausage and potato mix?

    • I am not sure what you mean? I don’t think I called it a pie in the recipes. It is just a basic recipe for potatoes and sausage.

  49. Should I add oil in a bag and shake the potatoes and sausage together? Or melt butter on top? If using the baking sheet do I spray the sheet with Pam spray do it doesn’t stick? Thank you so much for your time and help!!

    • I usually just stir it together in a bowl or in the pan. Most of the time there is enjoy fat in the sausage that you don’t need extra oil or butter. If your sausage is lean you could add a little extra oil and/or spray the baking sheet. I hope that helps.


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