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Sour Cream Potato Salad

sour cream potato salad

I really like potato salad. I think I always have. My husband on the other hand enjoys it occasionally, but it has never been his favorite. After we had been married for a while, I figured out why he did not like it all that much. He hates mayonnaise or Miracle Whip. It is one of the things he really dislikes. I dislike Miracle Whip, but mayonnaise works great for many things in my opinion. I eat it on my sandwiches, in potato salad, coleslaw, and even on my hot dogs. So, I have never figured out why my husband dislikes it so much, when it is so good.

He said the main reason is that it is just like eating fat and oil. He thinks that is what it tastes like. Well, I will agree that it is not the healthiest food to eat, but it is really good.

Even though I think mayonnaise works best in many things, I have had to adapt some of my recipe to his taste. And that would be with less mayonnaise in them. Potato salad is one of those that I have adjusted to the way he likes. And actually I have found that I like it this way better also. It is a nice subtle mayonnaise taste, but not overwhelming. The sour cream in it gives it a nice creamy texture.

My other trick on potato salad is to drizzle the warm potatoes with pickle juice or vinegar. I know this sounds strange, but it works great. I read this tip in a Cook’s Illustrated magazine several years ago and tried it. If you do this the flavor of the vinegar/pickle juice absorbs is slightly more pronounced than it is if you stir it into the dressing part.

I then refrigerate the potatoes. If the potatoes are cold when you stir the dressing on the do not break apart as much. It gives you a better texture for your potato salad.

This recipe is a basic recipe and several ingredients have options. We like Dijon mustard, but you may prefer regular yellow mustard. So, use what you like.

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  1. Angie @ Many Little Blessings says

    That sounds tasty! I have actually never made potato salad before. Maybe it’s about time to give it a try.

  2. Potato salad light on the mayo, sounds worth a try. Thanks~!

  3. That sound good! I too am a lover of dill pickles in my potato salad. I’ve never made it before, because I like my moms and can’t get it quite like it… but I’m gonna have to try yours. Thanks for the tip!!

    Come stop by my blog ~ I’m sharing a tasty thing I found that works for me and my daughter, which you’ll see LOL. Plus I have a little info on a Non-BlogHer party going on with GIVEAWAYS and fun!!

  4. That’s weird, it’s like I was typing your post! My husband is the same way with one exception, he won’t ever TRY potato salad. He won’t eat pasta with white sauce either LOL I have also used the pickle juice trick, in fact I did a whole post on pickle juice uses a while back. Nice to meet you!

  5. I’ve been on the lookout for a good potato salad recipe, this one really sounds tasty!

  6. My favorite potato salad is my mom’s – she works with the potatoes while they are warm too. Makes a big difference, IMHO.

  7. Oh this sounds wonderful! I have to make this!!

  8. I am totally with your husband I loathe and detest mayonaise, salad cream, any kind of thousand island dressing or ranch. I wish I did because believe me it is hard finding a sandwich in a shop without one or the other on it.
    I never thought I would eat Potato Salad in my life until my mother in law introduced me to a shop bought one. From Lidl, Vitakrone Potato Salad (do you have Lidl in the US, it is very similar to ALDI). It is yogurt based, light, lower in fat and almost healthy. There is a version with creme fraiche which is wonderfully creamy but about twice the calories so I generally don’t buy it. However I may have to give your recipe a try and maybe switch the mayo to yogurt instead. Thanks for the idea.

  9. I LOVE cream cheese potato salad! I got my recipe from P. Allen Smiths garden home and its delicious1 I will def try yours. my potato salad people MAKE me bring to family gatherings lol. so i will try this one next

  10. I try to make potato salad with yogurt instead of mayo since my son is allergic to eggs but it does not taste as good. Any help is appreciateed.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.