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Guacamole Bacon Swiss Burger

A guacamole bacon swiss burger anyone?! I love guacamole and am always looking for fun ways to use it. It is great as chips and dips or spread on top of sandwiches and burgers, but it has such great flavor that I love to add it to all kinds of food. I recently decided to change up our hamburgers by adding some guacamole to them […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

A Tip For Making Perfect Hamburger Patties

Today’s tip is so simple and yet it makes a huge difference in getting the perfect hamburgers patties every time. But my tip has nothing to do with the seasoning or the meat, it is all about the technique. When hamburgers cook they tend to swell up in the middle and form a bulge. This makes them harder to eat because all the toppings fall […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures