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The Best Oven Fries {Kitchen Tip}

Did you know that the best oven fries are more about technique than seasonings. Yes, seasoning is important, but for the best texture and taste, it is all about the how to part. At least in my opinion it is. I love oven fries and have been making them for years. Yes, I keep a bag or two of those famous frozen fries in my […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Roasted Onion Potatoes

This recipe is nothing fancy. It is a simple side dish that you can make in no time. These potatoes go perfect with meatloaf, hamburgers, chicken, and many other things. This recipe is basic, but we all need basic recipes that we can turn to and use when we are in a hurry. If you are like me, you don’t always have a lot of […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Crispy Roasted French Fries

I love potatoes. Seriously, I love to just eat a baked potato for dinner. I don’t think I have ever had a potato dish that I did not like. Maybe my love of potatoes has something to do with growing up in the northwest. That part of the country is potato country after all. Any guesses on what my favorite way to eat potatoes is? […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures