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What Can I Say, It Is Monday……….

It is Monday and what better day than Monday for a keeping it real post.

As I have mentioned over the last few weeks, we have been missing baked goods in our house. With all our food issues, homemade food is a must. And I really needed to get some things made for the week.

I decided that today was the day to bake. I wanted get a few things done early before it hit 110+ degrees outside.

So, despite the really hot weather and a really busy morning, I was determined to spend some time in the kitchen.

Really busy days and working in the kitchen do not always go well together. I should know this by now.

See the beautiful muffins I made. They look so nice and chocolatey and oh so good.

Well, looks can be deceiving……

I forgot the sugar. Left it out completely. There is none at all in them. Oh and I should also mention that the recipe had 3/4 cup of baking cocoa in it. Yeah, not so great a combination.

I see a trifle in our future. Maybe covering them up in sugary layers of pudding will help cover up their lack of sugar.

This is why multi-tasking is not always a good thing. And why even experienced cooks have disasters.

I hope your Monday is off to a better start than mine.

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. Haha! I’ve done things like that once or twice. And I’ll never forget the time my brother thought baking soda and baking powder were interchangeable. Worst. Cake. Ever.

  2. Sorry I had to laugh at this one.
    Thank you for sharing that you have blunders in the kitchen also! 🙂
    And I sure hope your day gets better!

  3. Oh my, thank you so much for sharing!! This reminds me of the time I made macaroni and cheese and forgot the cheese….. does it make it any better to add that had a white sauce and I would use white cheddar cheese? Oh well, my bf laughed and still teases me about it.

  4. wonder if you could poke a hole in them and fill them with sugary sweet cream filling like a Hostess Cupcake … and frost with chocolate frosting and pipe on white swirls!! =) we’ve all been there. done that. at least once on some missing ingredient!! =)

    • @momworkdc, That is a good idea! These are a bit dry and crumbly though. I guess the sugar not only messed up the taste but the chemistry. I am thinking it should not be too hard to cover them in some sort of sugary goodness that will cover it up. 🙂

  5. I’ve totally been there. And making mistakes with allergy-free food is expensive!!!

  6. Can you crumble them and make cake pops? Or crumble and make a cookie crust (think graham cracker crumb crust) for an ice cream pie?

    I hate to throw anything away too. My son ate a batch of pumpkin muffins that had no sugar–I made a powdered sugar glaze for the top AND let him drizzle his own.

  7. Oh, that is hilarious! They do look oh so good too! So, tell us, there must be a story on how this problem was discovered, who ate the first one?

    • @Linda, Well I ate the first bite, because I did not eat breakfast today and was really hungry. I took one bite and knew exactly what I did. My daughter though saw one and thought they looked good and did not believe me that they could be that bad. I told her to go ahead and eat one. 🙂 She took one bite and said mom those do not taste good at all.

  8. Melissa V says

    I did this not too long ago though it was baking powder instead of sugar. I was making pancakes for breakfast while keeping an eye on the baby and decided to use baking soda instead of powder. Not only did I use BS instead of BP I doubled the actual amount called for. Watching my DD eat should have been my first clue something was off, normally she loves pancakes and was just sort of picking at them. I realized my mistake when I sat down to a big plate with some maple syrup and took bit, let’s just say ew! lol

  9. awww, i’ve totally done this before too! it’s always a bummer because i hate wasting food. hope you can re purpose them and make ’em delicious!

  10. I would crumble in a bowl of milk and add sweetener to taste. This is how I use up slightly stale muffins and cakes (w/o added sweetener) all the time.

  11. Yikes! I’m glad I’m not the only one who forgets things in the kitchen. lol Just this morning I made a loaf of bread, the same recipe I’ve been using for over a year, and forgot to put the melted butter in it. I didn’t realize my mistake until the bread was already in the oven baking, and I opened my microwave to heat my hubby some biscuits up for breakfast. Yep, there sat my butter, all melted and ready to add to the bread dough. I think your trifle idea will work great. I would have probably fed mine to my chickens.

  12. LOL! Bless your heart Lynn. I really enjoy your emails, your recipes and most of all your honesty and candor. I left the sugar out of brownies one time. It was one of those multitasking moments too. The brownies were a total hit as a trifle with chocolate pudding, raspberries and whipped cream.

  13. Crumbs for a cheesecake crust? Sugar added, of course.

    I wonder how they would do for a chocolate bread pudding sort of thing, so the sweet custard can really soak into your crusty cupcakes (I am only guessing at a sugar-free texture). Since topping alone (frosting/easy trifles) won’t solve the texture issue.

    Please, let us know your ultimate resolution to the multi-tasking disaster.

  14. I did the EXACT same thing about 2 months ago. Ugh. I knew looking at the cupcakes that something was not right and all the sudden… Are you serious? I forgot the sugar? I couldn’t believe it!

    The cows weren’t picky though. I went out and gave them to the girls–some weren’t even patient enough for me to peel off the paper. I was also giving them some old sweet potatoes (It has been VERY dry here and they’ll take any treats we’ll give them.) and one girl, to make sure she got SOMEthing took a bite of ME! She wasn’t being vicious, just hungry. I guess she thought I had sweet potato or cupcake filling!

  15. I had to laugh @ that because I’ve done it too! When my hubby and I first started dating his then 5 year old daughter had come over for a few hours while he was working. Well it’s not like I don’t have a kid of my own, BUT oh boy are they DIFFERENT! My daughter had just turned 9 and she’s miss independent, always has been. His not so much, ok not @ ALL! They’re both good kids, just different personalities. Anyhow, I was more than a little out of my element with her and left the sugar out! They were supposed to be mocha flavored so not only did they have cocoa powder they had coffee! AND NO SUGAR! I did save them and turn them into a trifle that was fabulous though so it all worked out in the end. I was worried that topping wouldn’t be enough to cover their taste, so I made a simple glaze of powdered sugar and milk and poked holes in them and swabbed them with that before layering in the trifle. It didn’t take much because I didn’t want them soggy, just sweetened a little.

  16. Ice cream usually saves the day. : )

  17. Too funny! I did the same with a rhubarb coffee cake.

    They look so very pretty, too!

  18. I had to laugh with you on this one! Reminds me of the night I made cornbread 3 times & it still wasn’t my norm. I think the first time I exchanged baking soda & powder, then I think I added too much milk…I just couldn’t get it right that night.

  19. I made a booboo just the other day. I was making vanilla pudding, and added 6 Tbsp of arrowroot powder. Or so I thought. I just couldn’t figure out why it kept trying to boil over out of the pot. It tasted off in the oreo dessert I used it for, but it wasn’t until the next day when I realized my arrowroot was really BAKING POWDER.

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