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Stawberries and Bananas For Breakfast

This is one of those simple dishes that is not a recipe. It is so easy, so good, and so healthy. I had never had this before I got married, but my husbands family ate it all the time growing up. He loves having this with breakfast. My kids also really enjoy it, so I serve it often. It is a great way to get kids to eat extra fruit.

This takes two ingredients, bananas and strawberries. I buy the sweetened sliced strawberries that are in the freezer section. I buy mine at Wal-mart for a reasonable price. Yes, these do contain sugar, but it really makes the dish better. And the sweetened strawberries have a liquidy, syrupy mixture on them that really makes this what it is. Which is really good!

I slice the bananas, usually three, and mix with the strawberries and their liquid. Serve and enjoy.

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  1. Wow! good idea! I like them both. Yummy. Strawberry will be good for my diet. Lol.

  2. You can do this with fresh strawberries too. Just slice them up and sprinkle with a little sugar. Really, a little goes a long way for this. Then stir them around and the strawberries will start to mascerate and make that juice. Slice the bananas up in there and you’re done!

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