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Lynn’s Recipe Adventures

Welcome to Lynn’s Recipe Adventures!

Lynn’s Recipe Adventures is part of my main site Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. Some of you may be wondering why I wanted a new and separate section to my site.

The majority of my readers are not gluten free and are not dealing with food allergies or issues. I love my site and what I do, so I did not want to change it, but I wanted a place where I could post my gluten free desserts, breads, breakfasts, and other items that contain the gluten free flours and other unique ingredients. I wanted a place where people understand the difficulties of cooking gluten free.

My daughter was also recently diagnosed with allergies to all tree nuts, peanuts, and sesame, this has been another major adjustment for my family and the way we eat. So I wanted a place where I could also discuss those food issues. ( I am going to do a whole post later this week on her allergies)

I named this section of my site Lynn’s Recipe Adventures. I called it a “recipe adventure” because I feel that is what I am doing. I am on an adventure and journey of trying to adapt my family’s favorite foods to fit our new dietary needs, and I want to share those adventures with you.

I have also received many emails and comments thanking me for my honesty in posting my gluten free story and my gluten free meltdown post. I want to continue that honesty in this new site. I am new to the world of gluten free and nut allergies. I have been gluten free for less than a year, I am far from an expert in the area of food allergies and issues.

My goal with this new section of my site is to post not only recipes and tips, but also discuss some of the struggles and difficulties of dealing with food allergies and issues. I plan to post not only my successes, but my failures. I want to share how gluten free eating has made my life better, but I want to be honest that it has not always been easy.

I hope you will join my in my newest kitchen adventure.

If you currently subscribe to Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures thank you. You do not have to do anything to continue getting those updates, but if you would like to also get the updates to my new gluten free allergy section you will have to subscribe to that separately. You can subscribe for free updates to Lynn’s Recipe Adventures by going here and choosing which option you would like to receive.

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. Lynn, My daughter follows your blogs from time to time, and she sent me your recipe for Flourless Chocolate Cake. Well, I made it for my husband’s birthday, and it was quite the hit. Problem is, I have misplaced it…could you send it to me? I have looked for it on your site, but no luck. Thanks very much!

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