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Gluten Free Banana Bread Disaster

Gluten free baking is a whole new experience. The first few months of baking gluten free I had more disasters then successes.

Lately though I have had many things that turned out well. I was beginning to think that I was finally getting this gluten free baking thing, but then this happened,

and I was back to the  reality that gluten free cooking really is a challenge.

I was attempting to adapt a regular banana bread recipe into a gluten free one.

Well, let’s just say, my oven is a mess, and I am not quite done tweaking the recipe yet.

So, what cooking disaster have you had recently?

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  1. Burnt turkey one night and a whole casserole dumped onto the oven door another night. Ugh. What a mess!

    I hope you’re able to laugh about it!

    • Yes, I have learned to laugh about it. I think I learned that a long time ago, and it is a good thing or I would have given up on cooking by now. And I have also dumped a casserole on the floor before. 🙂

  2. I had my own gluten free disaster this week, only it was angel food cake; nothing angelic about it. In fact it shared some of you banana bread’s characteristics, messy, cracked and headed for the garbage. Only my recipe was from a published, gluten free cookbook. So annoying.
    .-= flora´s last blog ..The Cooking & Care of Cast Iron =-.

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