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Spicy Oven Fries

I can not remember the last time I bought frozen french fries.

I know many of you probably buy them all the time, but they are an item I rarely purchase.

I prefer to make homemade oven fries. Homemade fries are so easy and taste so much better than a store bought french fries.

Not only are they easy to make, there are so many different variations that you can do. I have several different versions I make. We love my Parmesan potatoes and also my seasoned oven fries, but today I have yet another version of oven fries for you.

These are my Spicy Oven fries.

They are not overly spicy, but we love them. If you like a little more heat to your food just add some chili powder or red pepper.

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  1. The sounds awesome! By the way, a misspelling in the post (peeper instead of pepper) made me smile and think you’re human. 🙂

  2. Hmmm…I’d never thought to use brown sugar in the mix. I’ll have to give that a try the next time I make some fries.

  3. love the spice blend! we make oven fries (with regular and sweet potatoes as well as other veggies like carrots or rutabaga) all the time. i’ll try this, thanks!

  4. What is you secret. I have tried I don’t know how many times to make fries this way, and they never come out looking like the ones in you picture. ehy either aren’t done all they way, are burned, or don’t get browned, (we like fries crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Ocassionally we get a few like this but usually not.

    Thanks for the great blog.


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