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Making Taco Filling

I have fixed a lot of tacos over the years. They were one of the first things I learned to cook and they are something I serve my family often.

My favorite tip for cooking tacos has to do with the seasoning and it has nothing to do with the kinds of seasoning, it has to do with the timing. Yes, the timing.

Most recipes and packets of seasoning have you add the seasoning after the meat is cook. I disagree with this. I like to add the seasoning to the meat while cooking the meat. I add the seasoning into the pan right when I add the raw ground beef.

By doing this the seasoning and spices really get into the meat better. It blends the flavors together much better than just adding it at the end.

Now, I do know that if the ground beef is really greasy, you will drain off some of the spices, but I have found that it is not enough to matter, especially if you use lean ground beef.

What are your thoughts on the best time to add your seasoning for tacos?

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  1. I used to add it to the meat. Then I read the directions and started adding it afterwards. Maybe I’ll go back to the old way.

  2. I started making my own tortillas and figured if I’m going to all this trouble why am I using a packaged seasoning. Since then I started making my own seasoning. I put half in when it’s raw and the rest after it’s mostly cooked & drained. I find the meat has more flavor that way.

  3. I agree with you about when to add spices. I used to add the package stuff when they say to, but for the past couple years I make my own taco spices and tortillas. I have found, the same as you, that when adding it during the actual cooking of the meat the flavor is so much more intense, instead of just ‘covering’ the meat.

  4. I’ve always followed the directions and added afterwards. Do you add the water at the same time if you add it before?

  5. Harley Mom says:

    This is the only way I make taco meat! We do add salsa to the meat after it has browned and all the spices have blended. You can make it spicier with a medium or hot salsa or go easy and use a mild.

    I also use the taco meat for anything from enchiladas, to nachos and of course tacos!

  6. Well, I feel dumb. I always add it while the meat is cooking. I didn’t know I wasn’t following the instructions. LOL I should probably pay more attention to what I’m doing in the kitchen!

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