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Caramel Apple Cider

Last year I saw several recipes online for Caramel Apple Cider. I love the combination of caramel and apples and knew I had to try caramel apple cider.

I made this many times during the fall and holidays last year and we loved it. I tweaked it a little here and there to get it just how my family likes it.

What I love about this recipe is that it is easy to scale it down and make just 1 cup for yourself or you can just as easily make a big pot of it to serve at your holiday dinner or party.

You can also easily use apple cider for this instead of apple juice. I first saw the apple juice version on Crockpot 365 and have made it with apple juice ever since. I make it with apple juice mainly because it is easy to find and keep on hand, but if you have apple cider or prefer it, just use that in place of the apple juice.

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  1. We have a huge jug of apple cider in the fridge, at the request of my daughters. They would love this as an alternative to their usual hot cocoa! All the goodness of apple cider, but a little bit special. If I can scare up some caramel sauce today before they get home fromm school, I’ll share this recipe with them. And thanks so much for providing the one-cup recipe as well.


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  2. So using this for tomorrow’s Cookie Exchange 🙂

  3. Ok, this was on my list to make for Christmas, but we just didn’t need it. So, I just made myself a cup this morning. LOVE!! It’s tastes just like the Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks (that I have recently discovered). Yum!! I made caramel sauce last week in preparation and now have it sitting in my fridge for whenever I want a treat. Thanks. 🙂

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