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Ham Salad Sandwich Recipe

If you have read my site for long, than you probably know that I am blessed to have a freezer full of ham.

We raise hogs and I love having a freezer full of pork, but some years our hogs have been quite large and we have an abundance of ham, which means we often get tired of it.

One year we had four- eighteen pound hams from one hog. That is a whole lot of ham.

But I have found that if I get creative in the ways that I serve ham, and add in lots of variety, we do not mind eating that much of it. In fact, if I am creative in how I use it, we really enjoy it.

Now I know that many, okay so probably none of you, have lots of extra ham like I do, but it is the time of year when hams go on sale and many of you will be buying and eating it over the next month or so.

So, today I have one of my family’s favorite ways to use up leftover ham. And this recipe only calls for a few cups of ham, so it is perfect for those last few bits and scraps that you may have after cooking a large ham.

What I love about ham salad sandwiches is not only how easy they are to make, but the fact that I can make up a large batch and we have the perfect lunch for several days without very much work.

What is your favorite way to fix ham sandwiches?  I would love some new ideas. 


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Do you happen to have a deviled ham recipe? I used to love deviled ham as a kid… my step-mom got it from a can…

    • I have always thought that it was ham salad if it had the boiled eggs in it and deviled ham if it had no eggs and had other things like onions and peppers in it, but I could be wrong on that. Was the kind you remember basically a ham and mayonnaise type spread?

  2. Love this! I am going to remember this at Easter when we have ham.

  3. We have had 4-H market hogs for many years and always had two one for us and one for 4-H. I have never thought of doing this don’t know why but it will be on the menu from now on. Sometimes some
    things so simple is so far away. Thanks so much.

  4. this is the way I remember eating it–yum

  5. Lynn, with all due respect could you find something, anything to make your ham salad unique? Could you add a crunch with minced: onion, celery, red pepper? Could you add color or flavor with a fresh herb? Maybe a flavor contrast with a vinegar or fresh ground pepper? It’s just that the world is filled with plain and it would be wonderful to find something different.

  6. Katherine says:

    We made it today with our some of our leftover Easter ham and it was perfect, I don’t like celery, onion, or peppers in mine it overtakes the whole thing and that is all you taste, this was really delicious. Thanks so much!

  7. Nice. not many recipes for ham salad out there. try this one:
    8 oz ham, 1 oz american cheese, 3oz mayo, black pepper, light onion, liquid smoke.
    pulverized in food processor.

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