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Breakfast For Dinner Idea- Bacon, Eggs, and Potatoes {Cooking Through My Collection}

Breakfast for dinner is a great way to serve an inexpensive, yet filling meal to your family. It is quick and easy to serve and breakfast if often one of the cheapest meal that you can make, so why not serve it for dinner.

Breakfast for dinner is also a very family friendly meal because almost everyone loves breakfast food. Who doesn’t love eggs, bacon, potatoes, and pancakes or waffles? Those are favorites of all most anyone.

Today for my cooking through my collection series I am sharing a recipe from a Taste of Home Cookbook annual cookbook. It is actually from their 1995 annual cookbook.

Some of my favorite cookbooks are the Taste of Home Cookbooks from the 1990’s and I have made, and loved, a bunch of the recipes from the 1995 annual recipes cookbook.

The older Taste of Home annual cookbooks are often hard to find, but I do come across them occasionally at used book sales and used book stores for only a few dollars. So, if you see them used, pick them up and buy them. I think you will enjoy them.

Now for the recipe. This recipe was in the cookbook titled as Sheepherder’s Breakfast. Well, my family decided we needed another name for it, mainly because when kids ask what is for dinner and you say Sheepherder’s Breakfast, they give you a really strange look or a ” we are having what”.

But when you would say we are having bacon, eggs, and potatoes, they say something like, great we love bacon, eggs, and potatoes. You get the idea.

We aren’t very creative when it comes to what we call our food. We are straight to the point people when it comes to our food, because in the end, the name is really not that important, it is how the food tastes that is important.

So, feel free to call this whatever you wish.

And if you are way more creative than my family and think of a fun name for it be sure to let me know.



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  1. This looks exceptionally delicious! Wish I had a serving on my plate tonight.

  2. These are really good. I sometimes used diced potatoes instead of shredded… looks like maybe you did too? … eggs are harder to keep in one spot, but still just as yummy. I’ve heard it called “farmer’s breakfast” or “farmer’s skillet” before. We love breakfast for dinner. I love breakfast food. I think I could eat it for every meal and not get tired… my family might revolt… but, hey, I’m the cook! ;o)

  3. I have the same cookbook and often wondered about making this dish. Glad to see it was a hit for your family!

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