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Grilled Honey Mustard Turkey Cheese Sandwiches

Leftover turkey is so good. I think I enjoy turkey leftover more than I do the day it is served. I am one of those people that fills up mainly on side dishes and saves the turkey for later. Turkey leftover is the best.

But I don’t just heat and serve the leftover turkey, I like to do all kinds of delicious things with it.

Turkey sandwiches are on the top of the list. And since I love grilled cheese sandwiches, I love to play around with all different kinds of cheese and turkey sandwiches.

Today’s recipe uses the classic combination of honey and mustard. Honey and mustard just go together, and in this turkey cheese sandwich, it gives it that extra flavor that is so good.

If you have leftover turkey in your house this week, this is a must try sandwich.

And this works great with my oven grilled cheese trick.

What is your favorite way to use leftover turkey? 



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  1. This sounds like a perfect turkey sandwich to me. Pinned it to make the day after Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing.


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