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Easy Crock Pot Roast

This easy crock pot roast is one of my favorite ways to cook roast. It is simple and so good. I have been making this for probably fifteen or more years.

I shared this recipe during my first few months of blogging, but it was buried in a post with several recipes and did not include any pictures. Yes, back in the “old” days I blogged without photos, oh how times have changed.

This is my go to roast recipe when I want roast and need to keep it simple, so I knew I had to share it again as part of my crock pot favorites series. This time I made sure to share photos with the recipe.

If you need a simple roast for dinner this is a must try. I like to serve this with my onion potatoes.

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  1. Do you ever chunk up the potatoes and put them right in the crockpot with this recipe? For my small family, I don’t need as large of a roast, and I have a packet of store bought onion soup mix – so I was thinking perhaps a 2lb roast with 2 potatoes and 1 packet of soup mix on top with the ground mustard. Think that would work? I realize the potatoes definitely wouldn’t be as crunchy as yours, but I’m wondering if there’s any other reason it couldn’t be done. Thanks!

    • You can easily do that. The potatoes will have a different texture, because they will be cooked for a long time, but yes it will work fine. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Karin Goodman says:

    I have cooked deer or elk roast this way for a long time. I cover the roast in water after adding the soup mix. Deer and elk meet is dryer, so I would not want to cook it without the water. I add carrots and potatoes the last 2 hours of cook time. Makes for a great meal.

  3. Cherie Klein says:

    One thing missing from your website is use of a pressure cooker. You could make this pot roast in under one hour using the pressure cooker. The new digital pressure cookers are very safe. I use mine at least twice a week. I would love to see some pressure cooker recipes on your site.

    • My mom uses a pressure cooker a lot. Growing up she used it several times a week for things like roast. I have one, but have not used it that much. Maybe I need to start experimenting with it more, so I can share the recipes.

      • Cherie Klein says:

        The electric digital pressure cookers are terrific. You set the controls and just walk away. I make chili con carne in 20 minutes, lima bean soup in 45 minutes, spaghetti sauce in 30 minutes. The pressure inside the pot forces the flavour into the food so it tastes like it has been cooking for hours. I also use mine as a rice cooker – 6 minutes for fluffy perfect basmati rice.

        • Robin Latch says:

          Wow, Cherie. I have an electric digital pressure cooker and don’t know what to cook in it. I found the little cookbook that came with in totally inadequate.

          Please share recipes for the pressure cooker.

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