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Easy Breakfast Pizza

We usually have breakfast for dinner several times a month. It makes for an inexpensive, quick and easy meal that my whole family loves. We also usually enjoy pizza night once a week, so it was a good thing when I figured out I could combine two of our favorite things into one delicious breakfast pizza.

Doesn’t that look so good?!

I think this would also work great for making in little individual pizzas and freezing them for quick reheating in the morning. I mean really, what kid would not like pizza for breakfast.

Have you made breakfast pizza before? I would love to hear your favorite toppings for it? 


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  1. Thanks for this one Lynn! I’m thinking some red pepper, green onions and mushrooms would make a great addition 🙂

    • Yes, that would be great added! I often add onions and mushrooms to our pizza and make my kids a plainer version. One of the great things about pizza is that you can change it up easily.

  2. We love breakfast pizza! This is how I make mine: http://www.parentingmiracles.net/2012/07/breakfast-pizza/ (I use your taco sauce recipe for the sauce, actually. 🙂 )

  3. oh yum! looks amazing!!

  4. I make a country gravy with the sausage or bacon instead of the salsa. its so good and way cheaper than the expensive home delivery food service the i copied it from.

    • That sounds really good! I am going to have to try it that way. It would be kind of like biscuits and gravy, but in pizza form. I think my kids would love it that way.

      • Biscuits and gravy. Never thought of it that way. thats a good name for it. Biscuits and gravy breakfast pizza. Yum. Now i am hungry for. i will have to put it on next weeks menu

  5. I make a breakfast pizza – but use crescent rolls for the crust – hash browns (frozen- sometimes I get the ones with onions and peppers) and cheese – crumbled sausage (pre cooked) -Bacon – halfway to ¾ way cooked and chopped – then 5 to 6 eggs raw beaten well as if your were fixing to scramble them with a little milk added. and cheese – what eve I have – cheddar -mozzarella or even a combo of . YUM!

  6. Oh yeah and Parmesan cheese salt and pepper.

  7. Stella Weeks says:

    I make the same breakfast pizza as Cheryl does with crescent rolls for crust. It is very good and you can add onions and chopped bell peppers also for enhanced flavor.

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