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Gluten Free Croutons

gluten free croutons

Gluten Free Croutons are so easy to make at home. Really easy.

When I first went gluten free I missed the crunch of croutons on my salad. And the store bought croutons I bought, well we don’t even want to talk about those. Tasted like cardboard. Not that I have ever tasted cardboard, but you get the idea. They were bad. And not only that they were really expensive for a tiny little box.

Homemade Croutons on a BLT Salad

I had made homemade croutons before, so making gluten free croutons was something I knew I could easily do. They really don’t take that much time to make and they taste so much better than what you can buy.

So, now when I want that crispy crunch of croutons on my salad, I just make my own gluten free ones using whatever gluten free bread I have on hand.

Gluten free croutons are a great way to use up the heels from your loaf of gluten free bread. Or those last few pieces that go a little stale in the freezer. Don’t let those pieces that no one wants to eat go to waste. They make great croutons.

And these are really good on my BLT salad! Bacon, lettuce, tomato, and homemade croutons on a salad, delicious!

Gluten Free Croutons on Salad

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures
Lynn's (Gluten Free) Kitchen Adventures

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  1. Add Italian seasoning. Then crush them and coat strips of Mozzarella cheese to make a really nice appetizer. Crush seasoned bread cubes. Cut cheese into strips. Coat with your gluten free flour mix. Coat with milk. Coat with the bread crumbs. Bake 350 degrees for 5 min. The cheese is easier to handle if you put it in the freezer for a short time. Good snacking.

  2. I tried making homemade croutons a few years ago and they didn’t turn out.
    There doesn’t seem to be enough oil to coat all of the bread cubes.
    Can you tell me how you coat the bread with the oil?
    I added more… and then more… and then more…, you guessed it. I ultimately had way too much oil on the bread.

    • I just use a big bowl and toss them well. It takes some stirring around, but I can usually get the well coated that way.

      • My first thought was to use a medium size plastic bag to coat the cubed bread with the oil and spices.
        Going to try this today with the left over gluten-free bread that I bought for making stuffing with. I know I bought too much bread for that.
        Thank you for sharing your recipe!!


  1. […] Then I learned to make them myself. I still want to hoard them. I am a salad girl, after all, but if I make the croutons myself, I can control the ingredients and I can make them much, much cheaper than the box. This means that I can use day-old bread that I find on sale or use dry home-baked loaves. My friend Lynn makes her croutons gluten-free! […]

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