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Gluten Free Chocolate Marble Cake

Gluten Free Chocolate Marble Bread_

I had  planned on sharing this gluten free chocolate marble cake last week for my Martha Stewart Cakes the gluten free way series, but life got busy and I did not get it done. And I am even posting it a bit late this week.

I am really enjoying this series of baking through Martha Stewart Cakes, making them gluten free. When I first started this series I had intended to share a weekly recipe and I have done that pretty regularly since October, but I am struggling to keep up that schedule.

Is it possible to get tired of cake?!

My family really is not tired of cake, but with all the other gluten free baking I do, plus regular everyday life and cooking, working on a gluten free cake a week is proving to be quite a challenge. Especially when I often need to try several times to get a gluten free version just right.

I don’t want to give up this series though. I am enjoying it too much for that. So, I am going to continue the series and continue baking my way through the cookbook, but I may not post a weekly recipe. I am going to just post them as I make and adapt them to gluten free. That may be weekly or it may be once or twice a month. I am just going to share them as I have time.

Now for this week’s cake. It was delicious!

This was a cake my family loved. I did change the recipe some though. The original recipe called for a lot of ginger. I did not have fresh ginger and the combination of ginger and chocolate was one I was not sure about, so I skipped the ginger. It worked find and made it more of a classic marble cake without it.

The original recipe also had a glaze on the cake. I left the glaze off and we still really enjoyed it. If you want to put a simple chocolate glaze on it, I am sure it would be delicious that way as well.

Gluten Free Chocolate Marble Bread-

Besides those two things I kept the rest of the recipe basically the same. I used cornstarch and sweet rice flour in this because those almost always work well in gluten free cakes. They help give them a light texture and in this they worked well.

I will also add that my marble cakes never look like marble cakes do in the pictures. Mine are never even and never pretty. I think I may need to work on my swirling it together technique. Taste is what is important though and the taste on this is great.

Gluten Free Chocolate Marble Bread



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  1. MeShell McLeod-Mahoney says:

    I just made this tonight as a test cake for my daughter’s upcoming wedding. I baked it in a round 10×3 inch pan. I have to work on my marbling technique, but the texture and flavor are spot on! Incredible! Thank you so much for all the work you put into this!

    • I am so glad you enjoyed it and that it turned out so well for you! And that is so nice that you are making a gluten free wedding cake for her. I am glad to know that it works well in a 10×3 round pan. I hope the wedding goes well.

  2. Hi.. Which rice flour.. Brown or white

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