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Mom’s Apple Cake with Caramel Sauce

Moms Caramel Apple Cake 4

Instead of a recipe from my cookbook collection today, today we have a recipe from my mom. Some of my favorite recipes and recipe ideas come from my mom and I love sharing them with you.

This is apple cake with caramel sauce is of those old fashioned desserts that is simple, yet delicious. This contains basic ingredients. Ingredients that we all have on hand.

That is one of the things I love about older recipes. They are usually easy recipes containing everyday ingredients. They are not fancy, but are delicious.

I think I have adapted this some from the version my mom makes, but it is the same basic recipe my mom has made for years.

I am sharing the regular version here today that is full of nuts and regular flour because that is how my mom makes it, but for the gluten free version be sure to see what I shared in my allergy section. This is so moist, it worked great gluten free as well. If you are gluten free, the gluten free version is a must try.

Moms Caramel Apple Cake 3



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  1. I’m in the middle of making this cake and I have a question about the caramel sauce. I’ve made plenty of caramel sauce before but have never seen one that calls for an egg. I’ve decided to leave it out. Is there really an egg in the caramel sauce or is it a typo?

    • Yes it does. It is based on an old caramel sauce recipe which I know is different than most caramel sauce recipes. It gives it a little different texture and creaminess. But since the rest of the ingredients are pretty basic for a caramel sauce I am guessing that it will turn out fine. I would love to know how it works without the egg though.

      • Turned out great because, you know, caramel…. I also substiuted pecans for the walnuts (because that’s what I had). And in the caramel sauce I added a bit of vanilla and substituted maple syrup for the corn syrup. It’s pretty darned tasty. Thanks for the recipe. Next time I’ll try it with the egg.

        • I am glad you enjoyed it! And I am glad to know that the maple syrup worked. I only have a few recipes I use corn syrup in and this is one of them. I will have to try it with maple syrup next time.

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