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Chocolate Raspberry Chex Mix

Chocolate Raspberry Chex Mix makes a great snack or dessert. It is perfect for feeding a crowd or for family movie night.  Homemade Chex Mix is a simple snack that kids and adults love!  If you love raspberries and chocolate together Chocolate Raspberry Chex mix is a recipe that I think you will love!  This is one of those treats that once you start eating […]

No Bake Summer Desserts

When hot weather hits it is time to make easy no bake summer desserts! It is summer and summer means hot weather. When the thermometer hits 90+ degrees the last thing I want to do is turn on my oven. I live in Oklahoma, which means 90+ degree weather is more common than not this time of year. That means I rarely turn on my […]

Chocolate Chip Pudding

Chocolate Chip Pudding is so easy to make at home and it tastes so much better than the box you buy at the store.  Fancy desserts are great, but sometimes you just need a simple classic dessert.  Homemade pudding is just that. It is a classic dessert that is easy to make using basic ingredients.  All you need for homemade pudding are a few ingredients […]

Chocolate Yogurt

Need an easy and delicious snack or dessert? Try Chocolate Yogurt! This really isn’t much of a recipe. I almost didn’t share it. But since I have been enjoying it almost everyday, I thought you might enjoy it too! We all need quick and easy recipes right now. I doubt that I am the only one that feels like they are in the kitchen way […]

Vanilla Wacky Cake with Chocolate Chips

Wacky Cakes go back to the depression days because they were easy and frugal to make. This Vanilla Wacky Cake with Chocolate Chips is a delicious version of the classic wacky cake. Wacky Cakes are also known as Crazy Cakes or Depression Cakes. No matter what you call them they are all the same basic cake recipe with no eggs, no milk, and no butter. […]

Homemade Vanilla Pudding without Eggs

Skip the box of mix and make pudding at home! This homemade vanilla pudding without eggs is easy to make with just a few ingredients.  My love of homemade pudding started at a young age. It has always been one of my favorite foods. It has been my comfort food since I was a kid.  However, I did not grow up eating the famous box mix […]

Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Do you have some bananas on your counter that need to be used up? Make Banana Oatmeal Cookies!  Cookies might be my favorite way to use up overripe bananas. Or at least one of my favorite ways to use up bananas. Yes, my family loves banana bread, gluten free banana bread, banana baked oatmeal, and banana snack cake, but cookies are near the top of […]

Coffee Fudge

At our house Coffee Fudge is a must make recipe during the holidays. I have been making this recipe for years.  I make it for Christmas parties, for food gifts, and I even ship some of it to my mom every year for Christmas.  If you know someone that loves coffee, this coffee fudge is a must try for the holidays!  When I send this […]

Chocolate Candy Bar Bark

Need an easy to make holiday candy? Candy Bar Bark only uses a couple of ingredients and everyone loves it!  I love making chocolate barks for the holidays. They are quick and easy and everyone loves them.  They also make great food gifts. All you have to do is place several different kinds of bark in a festive container or bag, and it will be […]

Gluten Free Overnight Coffee Cake

Gluten Free Overnight Coffee Cake is an easy make ahead breakfast that your whole family will love. Gluten Free Overnight Coffee was one of the first gluten free recipes that I shared here on my site. I adapted it from one of my favorite recipes, which was for an whole wheat coffee cake, shortly after I went gluten free. And in case you are wondering […]

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.