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Gluten Free Corn Dog Muffins


Gluten Free Corndog Muffins__

These gluten free corn dog muffins are one of the easiest kid friendly meals you can make.

Corn dog muffins are great when you need a quick dinner, but they also work great for lunches. And they freeze well. These are perfect for making a double or triple batch and then keeping in the freezer for busy days.

Gluten Free Corndog Muffins-

My kids love these with a big chunk of hot dog in the middle, but you can also just chop up the hot dogs small and stir them into the batter instead of using a large chunk in the center.

You can also change them up a little my stirring some shredded cheese into the batter for a cheesy corn dog muffin.

These are quick, easy, kid friendly, and gluten free! We all need more recipes like that!

Gluten Free Corndog Muffins


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