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Crock Pot White Chili with Sausage

Crock Pot White Chili with Sausage__

Crock Pot White Chili with Sausage is a simple meal that everyone will love.

My family loves chili and we eat it often. I like to change it up sometimes by making white chili. For years I have used chicken in my white chili, but a few months ago I tried it using ground sausage instead and we loved it.

The ground sausage gave it a lot of flavor and was a nice change from the normal white chili. If you are looking to change up your basic white chili, give sausage a try!

I have made this quite a few times over the last few months. Whenever I make it I just use whatever light colored beans I have. Sometimes I use navy and northern beans and sometimes I use part pinto beans. As long as you have 3-4 cans of beans total you will be fine.

Crock Pot White Chili with Sausage -

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  1. I am making this soon….most white chili’s are just…well…too white LOL my family doesn’t care for them, but this one looks fabulous!! And in my opinion you can’t go wrong with breakfast sausage, I love it!! Thanks!!

    • I hope you enjoy it! My husband agrees on most white chili and now that I have made it with sausage I am not sure they will let me make the chicken kind again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Tanya Canfield says:

    I think this might replace chicken noodle soup for my go-to meal when we are under the weather! My kids have been fighting colds for a week, and I felt really run down after being out this morning. I happened to have everything except the green chilis, so I tried this. It was a huge hit with everyone, and I felt much stronger after enjoying my first bowl (we all went back for seconds). My kids have put this on the “Do Again” list.

    • I am so glad to hear your family enjoyed it! One of the things I love about it is just what you said, everything in it is pretty much a pantry staple that I always have on hand. I hope you all feel better soon! And thanks for letting me know how much you enjoyed it!

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