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Kielbasa Grilled Cheese with Jalapeno Peppers

Kielbasa Grilled Cheese_

This grilled cheese sandwich with kielbasa and jalapenos is a delicious quick and easy dinner!

Over the last few months my family has been having a weekly sandwich night. When I first started doing this I was not sure how it would go, but it has made meal planning so much easier for me.

Most of the time sandwich night ends up being the same night my kids have karate. That is the night we have to get dinner quickly and get them out the door, so sandwich night works well. Other times sandwich night will be on Sunday night when I often don’t cook a big meal.

Many times we eat cold sandwiches, but I often try to change it up with hot sandwiches or sloppy joe type sandwiches.

Recently I had a package of fully cooked kielbasa that needed used up, so I decided to change up the basic grilled cheese we normally have and added the kielbasa to it. It ended up being delicious!

Kielbasa Grilled Cheese__

I simply cut the kielbasa in pieces about the same length of the bread and then sliced them in half length wise. Most of my family loves pickled jalapenos, so I added some of them to the sandwich as well.

With just those two simple additions I took a simple grilled cheese sandwich to the next level and ended up with was a sandwich that everyone loved.

Sometimes it is easy to overlook those odds and ends in the refrigerator that need used up. Sometimes they are not enough for a full meal and other times you may simply be tired of them, but changing them up a little you can turn them into a delicious meal like this sandwich.

Kielbasa Grilled Cheese




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  1. I don’t like trying to flip any grill cheese sandwich, esp. if contains things that can easily fall out of the bread slices. So, I grill one side of the bread, remove it and set aside,, then place the other slice on the grill, add the ingredients and top with the already grilled slice. No messy flipping.


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