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Chili Cheese Salad

This chili cheese salad, which could also be called fritos chili salad, is a quick and easy dinner to make any night of the week!

Chili Cheese Salad

I made this chili cheese salad recently and my family loved it! You see I love salads and could pretty much eat them everyday. My family on the other hand, or I should say the men in my family, are not huge salad fans.

They will eat salad, but it needs to be either a side vegetable or a very hearty main dish salad. By hearty main dish salad I pretty much mean more toppings than vegetables.

This chili cheese salad was pretty much perfect when it comes to the toppings to vegetables ratio as far as the men in my family were concerned. They loved that this was not a salady salad.

Chili Cheese Salad

I loved that everyone could make it just how they wanted. Mine was loaded with lettuce and a few toppings. My husband and son loaded their lettuce with toppings and my girls had a good balance of the two.

This salad could also be known as fritos chili salad or chili fritos salad. At least in the part of the country I live in it could. In Oklahoma and Texas chili is almost always served with Fritos.

When I first moved to Oklahoma I thought chili and Fritos were an odd combination, but after living here for over 20 years I have to admit that I now agree that chili is not really chili without the Fritos.

So for my chili I had to of course add some Fritos. You could easily use tortilla chips, croutons, or leave them off altogether, but Fritos are delicious on this salad.

Chili Cheese Salad

I am basically making my own simple chili for this with chili beans and meat because I wanted it to be thick for the salad, but if you have leftover chili it will work also.

This salad is also gluten free as long as you use gluten free chili beans.

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