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Chicken Bacon Salad

Chicken Bacon Salad is a quick and easy dinner that my family loves!

Chicken Bacon Salad

I think too often we complicate our food and meals. Meals can be quick and easy. They can also be healthy and homemade without using odd or expensive ingredients.

Food doesn’t have to be time consuming and difficult to make. Some of the easiest meals I make are also some of our favorites. Sometimes simple really is best.

A few weeks ago I needed a quick and easy dinner. I had some leftover rotisserie chicken, a few slices of cooked bacon, and some lettuce in the fridge. I also had tomatoes that I needed to use up. I knew I could easily turn the leftovers into a salad.

I sliced up some olives that I had in the pantry. I added some cheddar cheese that I also had in the fridge and made some homemade gluten free croutons.

I put it everything out on the counter and everyone made their salad just the way they wanted it. It made for a quick and easy dinner. It also used up some leftovers and other food that I had on hand.

Chicken Bacon Salad

The reality is that Americans waste a ton of food. Food either goes bad because we forget to use it or we buy it and don’t know what to do with it.

Soups and salads are a great way to use up leftovers and odds and ends from the fridge, especially things like chicken and vegetables. You just change them up with what you have on hand.

And cooking doesn’t necessarily have to be cooking. Because I already had cooked chicken and bacon, this salad was a dinner that used what I had on hand and did not have to cook it.

It was quick, easy, and delicious!


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  1. This sounds and looks great ~ I really love your recipes and blog!

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