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Chocolate Covered Dried Fruit- 5 Ingredients Or Less Recipe

Chocolate covered dried fruit is so easy and so good! It only takes two ingredients to make this simple snack.

Chocolate Covered Dried Fruit

If you need a quick and easy snack that is perfect for summer, for a lunch box treat, or for an after school snack I have just the thing for you today.

Chocolate covered dried fruit is so easy to make, it only uses a few ingredients, and it stores well so it is easy to make in a large batch to use throughout the week.

We love it and have been making it for years. It makes a great snack, lunch box treat, or even dessert.

Last week I made a batch of these and when I shared a picture on Instagram I realized that I had never shared exactly how I made them on my site. Since this is a favorite treat at our house I knew I had to fix that and share them with you. Plus, it is a perfect back to school lunch box treat!

This isn’t really much of a recipe. It is more just how I make them. You can easily change up the amounts or the ingredients.

It really is a two ingredient recipe because it is chocolate and dried fruit, but we like to make it with multiple kinds of dried fruit, which makes it more like a five ingredient or less recipe.

You can also use whatever chocolate you have on hand. We love to use dark chocolate chips. It is our favorite.

The flavor of dark chocolate with the dried fruit is delicious. However, we just use what we have and often that is just semi sweet chocolate chips, so that works too.

And I have totally given up on getting a pretty picture of this. Chocolate covered dried fruit is not pretty. Delicious yes. Pretty not so much. So please ignore the less than perfect photos and make yourself some anyway. I think you will love it!

Chocolate Covered Dried Fruit


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  1. I’ve made these & it is hard to stop eating them!!! Yummy!

  2. What is the difference between dark chocolate and semi sweet? I do and will use them interchangeably, but I am curious.

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