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Ask the Readers {Cookbook, eCookbook, or Printable Recipes}


I shared yesterday that I am working on new projects. Those new projects have me thinking and doing some research on ebooks vs books. And also books vs online reading.

That all leads me to me Ask the Readers question today. I love hearing from you all on what you like and what you buy. So today can we talk books and more specifically cookbooks.

I love books as I know many of you do. When it comes to books I go back and forth on whether I prefer real printed books or ebooks. It really depends on the type of book it is. I have found that I prefer fun mindless reading on ebooks. I usually prefer non fiction, history, and biography type books in printed form.

But what about cookbooks? Cookbooks are a little harder for me.

I love finding recipes online and I love ecookbooks. I have written multiple ecookbooks over the last few years. So yes I love ebooks. But I prefer printing the recipes from my ebooks.

Most of my ecookbooks are available on Kindle, but I have always preferred the PDF versions because I put a printable section in all my ebooks. That makes it easy for you to print out the recipes. You can’t really do that with a Kindle version.

I know a lot of people use their iPads, phones, and tablets in the kitchen. I am not one of them. I prefer paper. I like something that doesn’t matter if it gets ruined. I also like having it on paper so that I can easily write on it and make notes.

And all that leads me to my question today.

What do you prefer when it comes to recipes? Do you use your computer, tablet, and phone in the kitchen? Do you like Kindle eCookbooks or do you like recipes that you can print out? Or do you still prefer a regular in print cookbook?


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  1. Darlene Mathews says

    Real cookbooks that I can turn the pages..add notes..and it doesn’t disappear from my view!!

  2. Most often, I prefer to use my tablet for accessing cooking recipes in the kitchen. I save things on Pinterest and simply pull them up on my tablet to cook in the kitchen. I only use a print cookbook on occasion, but more often I am not on my tablet, I do sometimes print out favorite recipes on paper and add them to a cookbook of family favorites I have stored in a photo album.

  3. I’ve been adding many of my favorite recipes to my account over the past couple of years and really like having access to my recipes on my iPad Air. I can set the iPad on a safe counter in the kitchen and refer to it when needed while cooking. I scroll through my recipes when making out a weekly menu and shopping list. Oldies but goodies are there too to remind me to go back to the old favorites. I could make out a grocery list on the Pepperplate site, but at present I do not have a printer at home. It’s easy to “copy & paste” recipes online to my Pepperplate account and I can delete any new recipe tried if it turns out to be not worth saving.

    I’m not getting rid of my cookbooks yet, but I am working through years of notebooks and hand copied paper recipes.

  4. I use both but I prefer my iPad. Much easier to keep clean and no annoying pages flipping over at the wrong time.

  5. I like recipes I can print out or cookbooks themselves. I also like to make notes on my recipes, whether we liked it or any changes I could or did make. No devices in the kitchen for this girl. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Marcy Smith says

    I use all three methods. I do have to reset my screen settings so I’m not having to pull an electronic page back up with dirty hands.

  7. Sally Camire says

    I like looking for recipes on the internet, but I want to be able to print them or I will actually retype them, if I can’t copy and put in my personal word document where I can make notes and my family knows to go to when they are looking for a recipe. No electronics in the kitchen. We are messy cooks. I can always reprint a paper recipe when it gets messy. Having said that I like real cookbooks versus ebooks.

  8. My favorite is a print cookbook with pictures but I also use ecookbooks and websites. If I really like a recipe I found on a website, I’ll pin it in Pinterest. I made collections in Kindle for my favorite cookbooks so I can find them easier. While I love the print books, ebooks are super convenient and I don’t mind using my iPad in the kitchen either. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I prefer to print out recipes. My husband calls this my “addiction” as I have a stack of recipes waiting to be tried. I like being able to look through the recipes and pulling them out as I make my meal list for the week. If we like a recipe, it goes in a 3-ring binder. If it is a recipe I won’t make again, it get sent to the recycling bin. I have a hard time getting my mind in the the thought of keeping recipes online and then going back to use them. Please keep the option of printing your recipes.

    • I will definitely be keeping the print feature for my recipes on my site and in my PDF ebooks. I am one that loves to have it printed out so I can make notes etc. I have multiple three ring binders I keep recipes like that in.

  10. I love real cookbooks but that being said, I generally like to have a printable recipe. That way I can print the recipe and make my own notes on it, keeping it in a file for future use.

  11. I definitely prefer to print out recipes. I don’t like using an ipad in kitchen and I can’t read it off my phone. I make notes and also put it in a favorites binder that I always access when I make the recipe. Although I am ok with ecookbooks because of the convenience of storage, I find they get forgotten with Pinterest and hard back cookbooks more readily available. I think it’s also because I’m not very computer literate.:P

  12. I too like my cookbooks in the printed form. I take notes on them, as for items I used as a substitution, time in the oven, whether I liked it, what I would do differently. I put “happy face” stickers, on recipes I like. Any recipes or e-cookbooks, I print out, unless there are a lot of pages, and if I print on both sides and the back of the paper is upside down. I don’t think computers etc. are always reliable and there is always a chance it will get wet. E-cookbooks are good when I want the recipe now and not wait for the book to arrive. That is a good question. Thank you for asking.

  13. Maribeth Alexander says

    I prefer print cookbooks, but I have written a few ecookboks. And also purchased some. If in an ebook format, I usually print them out:)

  14. Marie Cronin says

    I like to use the tablet to find recipes, then I print it out and put it inside a plastic page. That way it stays in good shape regardless of what happens…like spilling liquids on it…๐Ÿ˜‚ And I can write notes on it if I need to.

  15. I prefer cookbooks where I can turn a page also. If I make adjustments, I can write them in the book and maybe want to reference another recipe in the cookbook; that way it’s right in front of me while cooking/baking.

  16. All formats have their place in this technically aware society. I sometimes email myself a recipe, so I can prop up my phone to follow it. Other times I prefer the book

  17. I prefer actual books and cookbooks to online. I like to keep recipes on Pintrest but I will usually write them out or print them rather than look at the screen.

  18. The Pepperplate app when I know it is a winner, but initially I enjoy printing ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I love my cookbooks. I read them like most people read novels. I do use my computer for recipes that I get from the web, from blogs, from friends, and recipes that I develop for my cookbook that I am writing. I really enjoy the use of a cookbook versus a computer for cooking. If I am going to use a recipe that is on my computer, I will print it and use it from the paper copy.

  20. I use a cookbook most often. If I find something online I print it out. I make notes on everything from how a sauce looks, ingredient changes, if I need to double, triple or cut the recipe to feed my growing teens/preteen, and what to try next time I make it. I have several cookbooks on my iPad but I usually end up writing the recipe on paper so I can make my notes. Since I don’t usually make a recipe as written more than a few times, having notes is key. I have a huge binder with my recipes in them in the kitchen. It is known by my kids as Mom’s own cookbook.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.