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Overnight Apple French Toast Casserole

Overnight Apple French Toast Casserole is a simple and delicious make ahead breakfast!

Overnight Apple French Toast

There is nothing quite like the forced creativity that comes from a pantry or fridge challenge. You know that kind of recipe you have to make to use up some of the things that been in your pantry or fridge for too long.

Sometimes this can be quite a challenge, but the fact is some of my best recipes are created when I am forced to use only the things I have on hand. No trips to the store. No buying anything new.

Overnight Apple French Toast Casserole

I am really trying to work on this. Using up what we have doesn’t come naturally to most of us in this current day and age. Food waste is a big problem and I am really trying to work on it.

This Overnight Apple French Toast Casserole is an example of changing up the menu to use what I had on hand.

When I was going through the freezer I found a couple loaves of gluten free bread that was not our favorite. I knew it was not going to get used up for sandwiches or toast. I needed to find another use for it.

Overnight Apple French Toast Casserole

I had a few apples that were not great. They were a bit mushy and just not the best apples, but I did not want to throw them out. I needed to use them up.

I had a gallon of milk that was about to expire. I also had several dozen eggs.

When I looked at all those ingredients I immediately thought of a breakfast casserole and decided that we would have breakfast for dinner.

I made up the casserole in the morning. I put it in the fridge and baked it at dinnertime. It worked great and we loved it!

I will definitely be making this again. I think it would make a great holiday breakfast.

Overnight Apple French Toast Casserole

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  1. How many people does one pan serve? We have a church brunch for 45 people on Thursday. We are also serving scrambled egg, sausage and fruit.

    • I would say 6 to 8 depending on what you are serving it with. If you have other food like eggs, sausage, and fruit, I would say it would serve 8. I hope that helps and that your brunch goes well!

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