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Taco Pasta an Easy Freezer Meal

Taco pasta is a quick and easy freezer meal!

Freezer Taco Pasta

Taco pasta is one of my family’s favorite pasta casseroles that I make. Casseroles often get a bad name. Some people hear the word casserole and they automatically don’t want to try it.

I understand why. Some casseroles are not great. But don’t rule out all casseroles. Many casseroles, especially cheesy ones, are not only delicious, but are also great freezer meals.

Taco pasta is an example of this. It is a delicious, kid friendly meal, that also happens to freeze well.

I love making a double or triple batch of this so I can put one or two in the freezer for busy days. If you have a smaller family taco pasta is great to divide into two smaller pans. One for dinner and one to freeze for later.

Taco Pasta

All you have to do is defrost it and bake it.

If you need a quick and easy freezer meal give this a try. It also works well with gluten free pasta. I like to use with Heartland or Ronzoni gluten free pasta when freezing this.

Taco Pasta



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  1. We are going to be crazy busy today, so I have a pasta casserole thawing in the refrigerator right now. I love knowing all I have to do is pop it in the oven and add a veggie for dinner to be ready. But, now I’m sad it isn’t this taco pasta because we love it! Next time, for sure. ๐Ÿ˜€

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