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40 Minute Hamburger Buns/Rolls

This is one of the first recipes I posted. I love this recipe and back then not many people were reading my blog, so I decided to repost this one. I use it all the time and I thought many of you would enjoy it also.

It is my quick and easy bun/roll recipe. I use it when I need a quick bread product for dinner, but do not have a lot of time. My sister first told me about this recipe a few years ago and I have been making it ever since.

What I love about this recipe is you can do so much with it. You can make them healthier using part whole wheat or use all regular all purpose flour if you prefer. I do both.

You can make them small and use them as dinner rolls or you can make them large and use them as buns for hamburgers or chicken sandwiches.

I even use it to make a cheese bread.

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  1. Ok, I’m copying/pasting and trying this for sure! They look so good. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  2. This is brilliant, and they look so good! Have you ever tried freezing some of them? I am only cooking for two, but it’s annoying (and usually wasteful) to have to use only part of an egg. (If you haven’t tried it, I might do it anyway, and could report back!) Thanks!

  3. Jes, I have not tried freezing this recipe. We don’t usually have leftovers. 🙂 But I have frozen other homemade bread products and they freeze fine, so I think this one would also. Just wrap well so they don’t freezer burn.

  4. I will have to try this recipe, looks delicious!!!
    My next question is, how would I freeze this???

  5. This recipe looks great, I think I will try them today or tomorrow perfect for our snowstorm weather

  6. Nancy, I would make them and then wrap them in plastic wrap. Maybe one or two together, then place all of them in a ziploc bag. I hope that helps.

  7. The cheese bread looks so yummy. I am going to have to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I made these the night you posted this one. My husband fell in love! He’s asked me to make them again soon 😉

  9. Snow White says

    We made these tonight, Lynn, and they were fabulous! Thank you!!!

  10. I have not made bread without using sugar but my husband has been diagnosed with diabetes. Would these work without the sugar? Thanks!!

  11. Karyn, you need sugar to make the yeast work unless you are using an overnight or sourdough recipe. I would suggest using honey in place of the sugar. Spenda may also work, but I have never tried that. Also increasing the ww in this recipe would lower the carb amount. I hope that helps. Let me know if you try it and if it works.

  12. I love how fast these come together!
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Do these work if I use my bread machine?

  14. Janell, I don’t have a bread machine, so I am not sure. I am guessing it would work fine, but I am really not sure. If you try it, let me know how it works.

  15. I will try them this week and let you know how they turn out. I need to buy some whole wheat flour. My son loves rolls so I am sure he will love these! I am always worried when I try to make bread because I live at 7500ft above sea level! I haven’t had anything turn out horrible yet 🙂

  16. This sounds wonderful! I just started making our breads a few weeks ago and have done it all by hand. When you say you make it in the kitchen aid mixer, does that mean it does the kneading for you? Thanks!

    • @Amy, I am so glad that you have started making your own bread. There is nothing quite like a loaf of homemade bread. It is so good. I have a kitchen aid stand mixer and it has a great motor and a dough hook, so yes it does basically all the work for me when it comes to making bread. Sometimes I have to knead it just a few more times, but it does all the hard work for you. But these rolls are so easy even without a mixer that can handle bread dough, they are pretty easy to make. I hope that helps.

  17. I’m going to have to try these minus the egg due to an egg allergy in our house. I’ll have to let you know how they turn out. I’m always looking for a homemade bun/roll recipe, especially when grilling season is just around the corner for us!

    • They just came out of the oven. My kids are already gobbling them up! Delicious with honey butter slathered on top! Thanks!

  18. Thanks for the copyright info on the recipe. I tend to find my recipes online and print them, but when lost or destroyed from repeated use, I sometimes have a hard time finding the recipe again because there is no site address on the page.

  19. Just tried these with all freshly ground white whole wheat and made a pan of rolls. They are wonderful! I did add a 1/4 teaspoon of vitamin c powder (ground cheap “C” tablets) but I don’t know whether that helped. It usually does help the texture of whole grain bread products. This truly is a go-to recipe for when I need bread really fast! Thanks!

  20. tried this tonight – YUM. I baked the first 6, and they turned out a little too dense. The second batch, which rose for almost 25 mins, turned out perfect!

    • @Erin, I am so glad that you enjoyed them. Yeast can vary a little with how warm a room they rise in so I am glad that the extra rise time made them better for you.

  21. Hi!

    I stumbled across this recipe while looking for “Freezer Meals” for Post-Baby. I just took these out of the oven and WOW! They are so very delicious and nowhere near as dense as I feared they would be! Great job! Thank you so much for sharing! These will be a staple in our household!

  22. Going to make these now for breakfast!! I am sure they’ll turn out great!

  23. Lynn, I stumbled across you site and have fallen in love with it. I’m a newly single dad (within the last year) and am raising my kids by myself. I’ve found that I love cooking and now I’m stealing your recipes right and left! 🙂 I have a question though. You list two types of flour in the recipe above. Do you use all of it? And if so, when?

    • @Charles, I am glad you found my site and find my recipes helpful. It is great that you love cooking and are fixing your family home cooked meals. I am glad I can help with my recipes. This recipes calls for both regular flour and whole wheat flour. First of all you can use all regular all purpose flour if you want do or do not have the whole wheat. I would not recommend using all whole wheat flour as the rolls would be very heavy that way. As far as when to add the flour maybe this will explain it better.
      Dissolve yeast in water. Add oil and sugar. Let stand 5 minutes. Add egg, salt, and add enough flour to form a soft dough. (I usually add about 1/2 of the reg. flour and 1/2 of the whole wheat flour here and mix it well and slowly add another cup or so of the flour. )Turn onto floured surface and knead until smooth and elastic, adding remaining flour as needed while you knead the dough. (at this point you want it to be dough like, so not super sticky) Then proceed with the rest of the directions. And if you by chance have a kitchen aid mixer this can be made in it using the dough hook and it makes it much easier. I hope that helps. And I hope they turn out for you.

      • @Lynn, It has been extremely helpful. I don’t like all the additives in most “pre-packaged” foods and so I try to make everything I can from scratch (heck, I even make my own laundry detergent). I’ve worked on my menu for a while and I’m up to an 11 week rotating menu. My kids love it and the best compliment I’ve ever gotten was after church one night. We were asked to go out to eat at a restuarant with another family and my kids said “no, we want to go home and eat.” This is huge because before my divorce (my ex-wife was extremely lazy around the house) all my kids wanted to do was go out to eat. And I do now have a kitchenaid stand mixer and blender (best money I ever spent!).

        • @Charles, Keep up the good work! Your kids will be so grateful for it. Home cooked food does taste so much better and it is so nice when our kids notice that also. My kitchen aid mixer is 17 yrs old and still works great. I agree they are a great investment!

  24. Hello!
    First of all : thanks for sharing your recipes!! I’m a new reader and I really enjoy your blog.
    Here’s my question : which yeast do you take for these rolls : dry or fresh?

  25. Your burger buns have taken my burgers to a new level. Wow, who knew the bun made such a difference and these are super easy.

  26. Made these last night for dinner!!! Thank you for an easy quick roll recipe!!! I am so glad I came across your website! There are so many recipes I can’t wait to try!

  27. Hi Lynn!

    Thanks for a great looking recipe! I’d like to try these next week, but I have a question. When you say to cut into 12 pieces, will that produce 12 hamburger buns, or 12 rolls? I want to make buns that are large enough to be considered hamburger buns.

    Thanks for your help! 🙂

    • Yes this makes about 12, depending on the size you want them. They make a pretty good sized rolls, that also works well size wise for hamburger buns, so it always made 10-12 for me. I hope that helps.

  28. Polly raichert says

    How would you make this gluten free?

    • I have tried to make these gluten free a few times, but have not been successful. If I figure it out though I will be sure to post it.

  29. Our favorite, go-to…bun recipe! Reliable!

  30. I stumbled upon this link when I was checking out another blog. I actually make a lot of bread, rolls, pizza dough, etc. in my bread machine, but I liked how quickly these can be made. I only had bread flour so that’s what I used. I gave them a try and they were a hit. They might just be my new bun recipe. I made pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches with them and my 4 year-old told me the bun was so good that I can make it again next week. Thanks!

  31. A friend passed this recipe along to me a couple of years ago and I have been using it constantly for making hot dog and hamburger buns. These taste soo good that I don’t buy buns from the store anymore. Plus they are so quick and easy. Anyway, I was making some today and misplaced my printed recipe that my friend had given me and when searching online found that the recipe originally came from you. I have used many recipes from your blog, but don’t know this was from here, too. So thank you! Also, I always use my bread maker to mix up the dough on the dough cycle and take it out just before it starts the first rise and I often add some vital wheat gluten. I also freeze them and they are just as good as fresh.

    Thanks again!

    • I am so glad you enjoy these rolls and was able to find the recipe again. I agree these are so quick and easy to make and they work for almost any bun or bread type recipe.

    • I just thought I would add that I only use a 1/4 cup of oil and 2 T sugar and they still come out great.

  32. 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons warm . . . What? Water?

  33. Made these for the 2nd time tonight and they are fantastic! The whole family loved them. The time factor makes them perfect. Thank you so much for this recipe.

  34. I am looking for gluten free rolls just like this. How could these be made gluten free?

  35. Great recipe “Can’t wait to try them. Willlet u know how they turn out.


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