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A Few Random Thoughts About My Week

I am sorry, today’s post has nothing to do with cooking. I thought I would post a few random thoughts from the last week or two. I will get back to cooking and recipes Monday.

1. I am tired and I just got up. We have had a long couple of weeks. I worked quite a few hours at my husband’s office last week. I did not count, but it was a lot and several of them were really long days. Monday-Wednesday of this week I worked 12-14 hours. Thursday in between home schooling and piano I worked three hours, yesterday I worked about seven, and I have to go back down to the office today to do a few things. All I can say is moving a business is at least tens times harder than moving a house full of stuff. We never realized how hard this would be. I just want to stay home and relax a little.

2. It is good to see in end in sight to this project.

3. I do not know how working moms do it all. After working all day, the last thing I felt like doing was coming home to cooking and laundry. I am so far behind on everything at home and the house is a mess. I think it is impossible to do it all when you work.

4. I am so glad that I get to stay home with my kids. Homeschooling is hard. Housework is hard. But this week helped put things into perspective for me. I would not change being a stay at home mom. The last two weeks have reaffirmed that I am exactly where I should be.

5. My kids missed me. This really made the week hard, but also made the week good. Having my eight year old daughter cry because I was not going to be home was hard. My kids are not used to me leaving the house at 7:15 each morning. All of our schedules were messed up. But I knew it was for the short term. In many ways it was nice that they missed me. It made me realized that they do appreciate me being at home with them.

6. We are very blessed to have family and friends that were willing to help out with our kids and whatever else we needed this week. My in laws and some friends watched the kids the last couple of weeks and we could not have made it without their help.

7. I am sooooooo tired of eating out. I am so looking forward to some good, healthy, home cooked food. I can’t wait to get back to cooking. In the last ten days I have ate doughnuts three times, McDonalds once, KFC once, take out pizza three times, take out barbecue twice, and taco mayo once. Just looking at the list makes me sick. We rarely eat out and I got tired of it quickly. I also feel very unhealthy and like I am on salt overload. I don’t know how people eat out so much.

8. Workers appreciate being appreciated. We supplied quite a few meals for the contractors that were working hard to finish our job. We brought in pizza and other meals. Most of the workers were shocked we would do this for them. I was shocked to find out that no one ever does this. They really could not believe we did this. They said over and over again how nice it was. Now, to be honest that last two days we brought in food so they would not take a long lunch. If you bring in food they take a 20 minute lunch instead of an hour or more. But we also wanted to do something nice for them because they were working hard and late, to get the job done. So, next time you have a contractor or repair man at your house, offer them a cookie, a drink of water, or a lunch. Make sure to tell them thanks. They work hard.

9. I have had way too many Dr. Peppers this week. I don’t even want to count. I don’t like coffee or tea and this week I needed caffeine. I think I survived the week on Dr Pepper and chocolate. But now my acid reflux is killing me. I am going to pay for it this next week. (for those of your who don’t know I have severe reflux problems and have to watch my diet. Pop and eating out make it worse)

10. My feet and legs hurt. They just ache. I am not used to being up on my feet all day. I am so out of shape. I do think though that the trick to being up on your feet all day is really good shoes. I thought my shoes were fine until this week. They are not. But then again maybe no shoes would be comfortable for 12 hours.

11. Thank you to Faith and Hailey for guest posting. I really appreciate it.

If you made it through reading my thoughts for today, thanks. Monday I will be back to regular posting.

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  1. Lynn, you echoed so much of what most women are feeling and doing now…it is hard sometimes but so worth it even when you’re tired and almost used up…just you home schooling is amazing to me, never mind everything else…loved this post ! Thanks !

  2. Much satisfaction in the job well done I’m sure.

  3. sounds like a crazy couple of weeks!! I agree–how working moms do it is beyond me. I remember being tired at the end of a work day before children, so I can’t imagine the exhaustion I would feel coming home to children after working all day. Neither my job nor my children would get all of me, that’s for sure.

  4. Catherine R. says

    I enjoyed this Lynn. It’s a really good and practical little experiment to see just how incredibly different being a working mom is. Majorly different.

    Also, I think you should stop apologizing for non-food related posts : )

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.