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A White Christmas In Oklahoma

It does not snow often in Oklahoma and when it does it is not much. We might get an inch or two, but it usually melts quickly or is mixed with ice. When I first moved to Oklahoma I was amazed at how warm it can be in December. Some years we have had 70 degree weather the week of Christmas and it did not feel like Christmas to me because the weather was so warm. Other years it is cold, but certainly not snowy.

However, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day of 2009 will be one that we remember for a long time.

A blizzard hit Oklahoma! Yes, I said a blizzard! A real blizzard hit most of the state of Oklahoma on Christmas Eve.

We woke up to this.

and this

and this.

I know many people did not enjoy the snow. They got stuck out in it and were unable to visit the relatives that they had planned to visit. Others had problems just getting home. I feel bad for the people that had that happen.

We enjoyed that snow though. We stayed home. We had already changed my husband’s family gathering to New Years, so we had no where to go. We used the time to relax, slow down and enjoy family. We played board games, watched old Christmas movies with the kids, played in the snow, and just had family time together.

Yes, Christmas 2009 is one we will remember for years to come and that is exactly why I had a wonderful Christmas.

How was your weather on Christmas?

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  1. We also enjoyed the Oklahoma white Christmas! Our family lives in town, so we were still able to get together. Also, my brother’s kids (in from Texas) got to enjoy the snow, which was a real treat for them!

  2. We are just west of you in Arkansas and we had snow on Christmas day too! I know exactly what you mean about warm weather on Christmas day. But this year was wonderful. When it started snowing at about 7 pm on Christmas Eve, my kids were so excited. We were sledding by 9:30 on Christmas morning!

  3. Where at in OK are you? That little lake looks like Bethany or near the Bethany/Warr Acres area. Just wondering…my family is from OKC although I live in TN now.

  4. I was in OKC and north Texas for Christmas. We did a lot of driving in the bad weather, but we made it everywhere safely. The snow made for some great family photos and plenty of snowball fights.

  5. I didn’t realize you were an OK girl! I am, too!! We live in Moore, which is just South of OKC. Did you enjoy the snow?

  6. We had 3″ of snow here in the DFW area. What a surprise! It was beautiful after the winds died down and yes, we had a quiet time with family, lots of food and fun.

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year full of laughter, good health and abundance.

  7. I’m glad you enjoyed your white Christmas.

  8. How exciting for you and your family!

    It was white here too. Here in Jersey it snowed a few days before the big day so some of it was gone already, but with 24 inches there was plenty to go around!


  9. Hi all. We are in OKC as well, closer to Mustang. On Christmas, my husband and I spent two hours each digging our car out from the snow. On the brighter side, we met several of our neighbors and helped them out as well. We pulled the kids on the sled around the corner to my sister’s house, where we enjoyed ribs, potato salad, deviled eggs, and green beans. Although not a “traditional” Christmas meal, it was wonderful! Happy New Year’s!!

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.