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Antique Dressers

I have not participated in a Show and Tell Friday for awhile, so I wanted to do so today.

Last October I posted about going to Texas to pick up a few pieces of furniture that were my husbands grandparents. I posted about the tables that we got, that by the way are still sitting in my garage because I can’t decided quite what I want to do with them.

Today though I thought I would post about the dressers we got from his grandparents. I love old dressers and chests of drawers. If you can find them in good condition they are so much better then modern ones. They have character and I like that. It is hard to find ones though that are in good condition. I was so glad to find that these ones are. They have some wear, actually lots of wear, but they are still sturdy and have been well taken care of.

I will say though that people had a lot less clothes 75-100 years ago. Although these dressers are pretty they do not hold enough stuff in my opinion. The drawers are very shallow compared to what we are used to today. Also the depth and width are not very big. I ended up not putting any of my husbands clothes in these. I could only fit 4 pairs of pants in each drawer and his shirts got all scrunched up in them. So, I decided these would work for my stuff for now. I love the look so it is worth having a little less space.

The mirror on this one is in especially good shape for the age. I am glad because I love the mirror on it. It makes it look a lot nicer.

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  1. Terry & Dennis Macri says

    I love the old furniture, it is so sturdy compared to what they make today. I am sure you will find great use for all of them

  2. Both pieces are beautiful! Don’t cha just love family heirloom hand me downs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. They have a very special and rustic look. I love it.

  4. Spruce Creek Farm says

    It is nice that you were able to inherit this furniture. Perhaps you could store some of your linens in there.
    You’re correct about people not having a lot of clothes in an earlier time period. We bought an old farmhouse built in 1911 and not one closet had a clothing rod in it. What they all had were nails pounded into the walls to hang up the few pieces they did own. Some of the rooms didn’t even had closets in them. One of the biggest rooms that is now used as a bedroom used to be the “parlor”. Or so I’m told by the decendants of the original owner.

  5. Hootin' Anni says

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm, beautiful wood, beautiful workmanship, beautiful pieces.

    My Show n Tell is now posted. If you can find time, I’d love to have your company. Drop by for a look, chat a while….and then, have a great weekend!!!!

  6. These are lovely, Lynn. Especially nice because they belonged to family!!

  7. Even if they aren’t the giant sized chests sold in furniture stores today, they are useful and probably better made. Thanks for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Friday!

  8. Beautiful chest of drawers. The wood looks fantastic!

  9. Beautiful Pear Tree Lane says

    I really enjoy antique furniture, you are so right the quality is so much better than what is out there now, and it is made more special because it was family owned.Beautiful, now enjoy,\.

  10. I love antiques! Your dresser is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Susie Homemaker says

    I have an old dresser that I use as a buffet in my dining room. I store my linens and platters in the shallow drawers…yours are very lovely.


  12. Heidi Pocketbook says

    Nice looking pieces, and so much better than today’s since they are better built and come with memories already built in!

  13. Karen Sherrill says

    I like old furniture too… they sure don’t make it like them like they used to! How great is it that you know the history of it ;o).


  14. tales from an O.C. cottage says

    What an amazing piece of your history! How lucky you are!

    M ^..^

  15. Just beautiful and a wonderful treasure to be passed down.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.